mel jones the motivational philosopher

Powerful Thinking Coach, Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Fitness Professional and Author

Powerful Thinking is what Mel Jones does best. He speaks to flip the switch in the average persons mind to give them the edge you need to WIN! Whether it’s in relationships, leadership, business, finances, health, sports performance, or mindset, Mel wants to help you succeed. His goal is to help people break from the binds of average, to become the Powerful Individuals we all strive to become. 

Hailing from Williamsburg, Va, Mel Jones has built a Powerful Motivation Factory know as Grip Work Gear LLC. Jones has spoken for Sales Teams, Students, and has been featured on many media outlets such as Convocation Radio and has been interviewed by International Best-Selling Author on The Elevating Beyond Podcast. You can find articles written about as well as written by Mel Jones in The Health Journal, The Virginia Gazette, and the Herald-Tribune. Jones knows the only thing standing in the way of you and your goals is lack of self-awareness, unapplied knowledge, and effective mentorship. This desire to help individuals improve their current way of thinking is what inspired him to launch Grip Work Gear LLC in 2015. He wanted to build a place where people could gain understanding. 

Motivational Philosopher, Public Speaker, Lifestyle Entrepreneur and Fitness Professional are just titles Mel Jones has been given. Teaching is what he does. Powerful Thinking Coach is what he is. Growing to the next level is what he helps you to do. Contact Mel Jones by email at motivationalphilosopher[at]gmail.com if you would like for him to come speak at your next venue or for 1 on 1 coaching to Master you thoughts.    

Watch the Motivational Philosopher in action as he speaks to a  Companies Sales Force, a room of Students, and delivers Fitness Motivation.  



My mission is to create an army of Powerful Thinkers. I know powerful thinking creates success, and success to me is becoming someone you’re proud of. That sense of pride brings a feeling of fulfillment and I believe we should all live in fulfillment everyday. That is how you spell L.I.F.E..”

Mel Jones