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The Gap is Effort

eric thomas

Eric Thomas said it himself, “The distance between you and your goals is your effort.” Thats it, if you want the simplest answer to your success, the most basic explanation for winning, the building block to making your dreams a reality, the action you have to take is merely 100%effort.

But what is 100% effort? What does that look like, how do you spell it, where do you go for that? Its like ET said, its your commitment. It you dedication that dictates your level of success. The bigger your dreams the more effort is required. The greater your goals the more commitment is necessary and when your committed to a thing, to an idea, to a task, then your are promising to give 100% until the mission is completed. Its easy to be excited, its easy to be motivated and inspired but it is difficult to operate with that same intensity that you started with when you are no longer interested in the work, in the grind, or in the process.

Commitment goes through the struggle, it take you past pain, it pushes against your emotions, it breaks through your fears, it ignores distractions and it doesn’t care about failure. It just keeps going and going and going. Each day you have to re-commit to the dream, because the excitement will sometimes disappear and something else will have to take its place.

Win the day.





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