How To Become a Winner

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You Are A Winner

In this world you have two types of people. There are winners and consequently there are losers. No matter what country or what state. No matter what color or background. No matter who you know or what family you were born in. The end result always ends in 1 of 2 ways. People are placed into either category based on themselves or by others. I’m not sure which is more relevant, but I do know that they are both taken into consideration. I believe overall, that the final decision is made by you. But even the most positive person in the world will have a hard time overcoming societies label if they are not satisfied with what they have done with their life. I mentioned that there are two types of people in this world. Which one are you?



Here’s what is funny about the matter on how to become a winner. We almost all know the answer. It has been said time and time again in many different ways, from many different tongues, in many different dialects and verbiage. It is not difficult to find an example. They are plenty. They exist in our classrooms and schools. You can see them in the movies and on TV. You’ve probably played on a team filled with winners. They build businesses, they climb the ranks in your company, they change lives, they realize their potential, they connect with their kids, they get deep with their spouse, they do exactly what it is they desire. Then why is it that so many people fall under the category of loser? Well I’ll tell you this much. It’s because they are missing something special. If you think you’re a loser, then that’s your problem right there. Because winners know that they are winners long before anyone else figures it out. When you accept that fact you begin to act like a winner, and when I say act like a winner I mean WORK like a winner.

Being a winner is a GRIND. A grind to become the best you possibly can be. What does that look like? Whatever it is you desire most. And when you reach that you will find that there is more to desire. I’m not talking about rewards and material possessions, though those things are also great to desire, I’m talking about meaning and purpose. They require action. They require work. If you put in “winning time” you can’t help but to become a WINNER!

See you on the other side of greatness.




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