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successful business

Take the Leap

One of my passions is studying success and it is through my studies that I have found almost every individual on this planet, at least in America, is selfishly at the root of their own demise. Most people don’t have a successful business only because they never had the courage to start one.

Stuck in the Idea

How many times have you hear this one? “Do you know what would be a great idea…?” And this is where is stops. I’ve heard it countless times and have participated many times myself. You know where it get you? Know where. After you’ve gone on your spiel about how your idea will change the face of business, impact the market, or change lives you go back to doing what you were previously working on and your life continues as normal. The Earth doesn’t shift and the universe doesn’t send you sign. Money doesn’t come falling out of the sky and investors don’t running at your door step, In fact, nobody even knows about your idea. Only you and whoever you just finished explaining it too. You might even write it down, have it all planned out. The blue print could be gorgeous, Da Vinci  might even be jealous. But a blueprint is not a house you can live in. The most intricate and futuristic AutoCAD drawing is useless until a contractor gets to work on it.

Study until you Die

If you were a High School student studying for you SAT’s day and night for months on end taking all types of practice tests and short quizzes, but when it came time to test date you accidentally overslept missing the test, would you get a good score?

Obviously not. You wouldn’t even get a score. You probably wouldn’t even be put into the records. You basically never existed that day. Studying for a test is a waste of time for somebody who never takes the test and that is what these wanna-be-entrepreneurs are doing. They are doing all the market research, talking to the experts, buying courses, reading books, and learning the law of the land, but they won’t take the test. What’s the test? It’s the leap. It’s launching the business. It’s asking for the sale. It’s making money.

Inventory Overload

Clothing, tool supplies, office supplies, pamphlets, books, kits, and all kinds of items get piled up into people’s houses, garages, attics, basements, closets, guest rooms, bathrooms and living rooms. They are not necessarily hoarders, just not executors. You can buy all of the lawn mowers, weedwackers, garbage bags and rakes but if you’re not willing to go door to door asking people for their business, for a chance to mow their grass and clean up their yard all you’re going to have is a garage full of useless junk. The same goes to network marketers and even internet marketers. You may feel safe because you have no physical products sitting inside your home, instead you have digital clutter. Thousand dollar programs created to give you the opportunity to build your internet company and you never look through the programs. Or worse! You go through it all, know it front to back, can recite it by heart and you still refuse to post one link on Facebook. Pathetic. 

Don’t look at my new Business

So you started something. You launched something. You got the business license. You have all of the necessary tools needed to execute your services. You’ve don’t all of the research. You know exactly what to do and how to execute. You have the platform. You know where the customers are. You know what your advantages are in the market place. You may have even stumbled across a few customers by accident. In fact, your banking on a word of mouth type of advertisement. The problem is, you don’t have enough business to get a strong word of mouth base going. Your only customers are your parents and step cousin. Maybe a friend want to help you out a little and bit and buys something from you. But what about the other 7 billion people on the planet. Or at least the few million in your state. Just because you have a customer or 2 doesn’t mean that you’ve actually leaped into the business world. Until you start promoting and getting in people’s space you are just pretending to leap. It’s a pump fake. You can tell your friends you started a new venture but your bank account says your still thinking about it. 

No Going Back

I want you to realize that 5 years from now you will be 5 years older. You will have experienced 5 years worth of life. You will be 5 years wiser and knowing. No matter what, those 5 years are coming and when they do where will you be? If you’re still thinking about taking that leap then you just wasted 5 years. You can’t go back. You just can’t. You can’t redo. Even if you’re that person right now who 5 years ago made the mistake of putting it off or not going all in when you started, another 5 years will pass you by. And then another 5 years and then another. And if 60 years go by and you still haven’t done it there is no going back. So where ever you are, there you are. When ever it is, here it is. Your success and business are available right now. Don’t regret the next five years.


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successful business

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