What I’ve learned After 26 years

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mel jones

After being on alive on this Earth for 26 years I have purposely learned quite a bit. I say purposely because most people just learn what they have to. They learn what they happen to hear. They learn what their most closest relationships believe to be true. Whether true or false, people to tend to learn what is convenient, interesting, or scary. I’ve kind of always been a little bit of an odd ball, continuously questioning the world, the systems in place, the belief structures, and myself. Most important myself. I have learned a lot about who I am, what I am, and who I wish to become. It doesn’t seem like everybody is meant to be that way and at this point I have come to terms with it. So I just want to share with what I have learned thus far because I have also learned that you are never to young to teach and never to old to learn.

A list of my learnings

I’ve learned that you can be anything you want within reason. So as long as you have a strong enough reason, you can be it.

I’ve learned that football has become our modern-day gladiators. Or maybe that’s MMA. Either way, people love the violence.

I’ve learned that doctors are not medical geniuses, but more of like educated guessers.

I’ve learned that millennials are not lazy, more like confused. We have been born into a time right before the home computers were popular and then blossomed into adult hood along with the creation of the iPhone. We are confused by our ability to communicate and create with this new technology, yet we have to integrate that with the teachings of the generation before us. It doesn’t quite fit.

I’ve learned that racism is not so prominent but fear still is. Whites fearing blacks, and blacks fearing white cops. And our school system, economic system, and our prison system is inherently racist because it was built on a racist foundation.

I’ve learned that religion is merely a belief system that human have re-created many times of the millennia because we find peace believing in something.

I’ve learned that true education happen outside the classroom and that public schools are just mini-prisons built to keep children occupied and in check.

I’ve learned that Colleges and Universities have now become corporations disguised as education centers.

I’ve learned that becoming rich is my responsibility and that every adult should take it upon themselves to create a fountain of wealth for them and their family

I’ve learned that the human body is the most intelligent and intricate machine on the planet and with the proper diet, can be practically indestructible.

I’ve learned that everybody is afraid of everybody else and no one wants to admit it.

I’ve learned that men and women will never understand each other because they don’t want to, not because they can’t. It’s just easier to say “I don’t understand you” than to take that responsibility of knowing. Knowing means its your fault if you don’t do something about it.

I’ve learned that you don’t have to follow your passion, just follow your curiosity. That will keep you busy.

I’ve learned that selling is the most hated job in the world yet it is the most important and useful skill one can have. In fact. everyone is either selling or being sold everyday.

I’ve learned that grandparents are the best parents because they have captured the formula of being positive and appreciative of the grandkids. They only raise their voice when absolutely necessary and that is why they are so well-respected and listened too.

I’ve learned that it’s not your job to change someone, it’s your job to either accept them for they are, help them to understand who you are, or leave them as they are.

I’ve learned that success is a journey not a destination and the journey can get pretty long.

I’ve learned that Entrepreneurship is more than just a label for self-employed individuals. We are all entrepreneurs. Running our self-appointed business that was established the day you were born. Mel Jones Inc., 26 years and going.

i’ve learned that vaccines have their place, but are still a form of medicine. And like every medicine commercial you have ever seen on TV, or every medicine label that has ever been printed, they all have side effects. Especially when you’re putting chemical into a baby.

I’ve learned that people like because of some self-centered reason. They hate for the same. There is something you can do about it. Go into hiding for the rest of your life.

I’ve learned that corruption is normal because power exploits bad character.

I’ve learned that everybody truly want to be fit but working out on a regular basis sucks and don’t get me started on a clean diet.

I’ve learned that motivation comes from within but can be sparked from without. Sometimes you just need a little change in perspective.

I’ve learned that love come and goes, so there is no reason to think that it will last forever.

I’ve learned that we probably shouldn’t get married until we are at least 50. I don’t think that is going to catch on.

I’ve learned that doing what you hate can sometimes present you with the results that you love. So writing, for me, seems worth it.

I’ve learned that most people won’t ever know you exist, most of what you create won’t ever be noticed, and if you’re lucky enough or persistent enough, your creation might fall into the right hands.




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mel jones

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