Money Is More Important Than All of These Things

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money is important

An invention created by man more common than any precious metal and yet seemingly more valuable than gold. We do not buy things with gold and yet we buy gold with money. For what? I guess to sell it later for money, the only thing that matters. Money matters so much that it makes the world itself go round. It can even talk, I have heard from a few credible sources. It is in our banks, dash boards, cookies jars and wallets. It comes in the form of green backs, checks, credit cards and bitcoins. It circulates constantly and has some how developed the ability to never sleep, quite the super power. Money is the driving factor for innovation and human motivations though it provides no sustenance or nutrition. It cannot shelter ones body from the storm but it can provide shelter for thousands in attendance. It has been deemed evil by many, yet it is worshipped by the same characters that speak foul of it. It has a face, but senses nothing. It is cold and lifeless. It is dirty and still clean when in abundance. How I hate money so, but I love what it can do for me. What could be more important?

Is it family?

They say nothing is more important than family, but not even the closest family can provide you basic necessities without money. No amount of love in the world will fill your belly. There are those who hunt for their own survival, but I doubt most will participate in this practice. It is far easier and quicker to just work 9-5 so I can receive a paycheck and ultimately by my lunch.

In fact, now that I think about it, I’ve seen money tear people apart too. Siblings have been caught stealing money from each other on numerous occasions, so that they may buy something sweet for themselves at the store. Marriages have split apart because of the lack of money coming in. Parents have expressed a feeling of disappointment if their kids grow up getting jobs that pay considerably low salaries. Judge not, but I guess we are all subject to judgment.

It works the other way too. A man can find a suitable wife with the right amount of money. Aunts, Uncles and distant cousins tend to want to hang out with the rich family member more often. With enough cash at your disposal, you may come into contact with a few more relatives than you ever thought you could possibly be related too. You might have to check your family tree more thoroughly.

How about helping people?

This is a nice one to believe in. Too bad nobody wants to volunteer at the hospitals for free. Our nurse shortage would be taken care of. I’m not encouraging that people offer their time and energy on a regular basis for the health and safety of the few sick and misfortunate individuals checked into your local emergency room. No, you deserve to be paid for your services and realistically people don’t like doing something for nothing.

Even those with a heart of gold will still give into the system of trading services for dollars. Money is so necessary and required by us that we will gladly take jobs that don’t help anybody, like debt collectors, just to collect a paycheck. I even bet you if they drop the average pay for teachers across America the staff count will decrease tremendously.

What about GOD?

Oooh a touchy subject. “Don’t bring God into this.” Well why not? He’s into everything. You can’t talk about anything without talking about the creator right? In fact, God is the very reason why you speak in the first place. Then we might as well mention this great magician. Is money more important than God? Well, money does seem to flow quite nicely through the church. The Vatican seem to have plenty of it, with all of their stylish jewelry and magnificent window panes. Preachers have been corrupted, along with many institutions and politicians, by the temptations of money. More people serve and give of themselves to the earning of money and only spend 1 day serving their God (Christianity at least). And not even for an 8 hour shift.

God typically tends to bless folks in some financial way. Not all the time, but it is very common. I guess that’s why they wrote “In God We Trust” on our physical currency. Is the money itself God?

I hear “money talk” spoken on a daily basis. It’s normal. It’s become a vital part of our culture. God, on the other hand, plays an almost non-existent role in our everyday conversations. I guess because that’s a personal thing or because not everyone believes in the same thing, though people tend to hang out with those of the same interest. I don’t know, I guess buying Jordan’s and paying for premium cable packages are considered better methods of investing ones hard-earned cash.

Should you quit your day job?

That’s up to you. I won’t tell you how to live, just assist you on how to think. Just put our mouths on the same page as our actions while understanding what it is we could possibly be thinking. Is money important? I think so, and I never pretend that it’s not or even secondary. It is primary, unless there is a life threatening emergency. You don’t have to agree, but I bet your actions will fall in line with my theory. Money is important and vital to our everyday lifestyle. Treat it with respect and welcome it with open arms because you are going to need a lot of it if you wish to one day make it a forethought in your mind and begin to focus your attention on the other, almost as important things.




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