Don’t Shoot, I Have A Gun

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don't shoot, i have a gun

Don’t shoot, I have a gun! Might as well be what we are saying. Who? Bloody America. Well, that’s just self-centered of me and stereotypical. An American complaining about America again. Like we are some special entity floating in the universe. Acting as if the world revolves around the US. No, the world revolves around the Sun and America just happens to be on it. In fact, we are just the North part of America, there is a Southern section as well. And you know what? There are people living there too. Some are happy and some are sad. Some are rich, others are poor. There are those who exemplify good health and those desperately clinging on to life. It is the same everywhere. Problems and solutions exist everywhere and as an American I have become so focused on just my immediate world. I have forgotten that we are a whole planet. I think the world has forgotten that or maybe we just don’t want to believe we are.

Don’t shoot, I have a gun. Might as well have been what Alton Sterling was saying when he was shot at point-blank range while being detained. There might be details that I don’t know about, but the video shares some disturbing footage. Funny though, I am not disturbed. To not be insensitive or disrespectful, but it happens. It happens a lot. But it happens all across the planet. Injustices and cruelty is wide-spread and seems to have no cure. Why? Because we are human, animalistic by nature and emotional. These variables, in combination, create a walking, talking contradiction. Or maybe the world is just built on contradictions. Maybe this is what harmony looks like; what we perceive as being right and wrong happening at the same time. I think its time to start doing what the internet has opened us up to do. Learn.

The world is like a toddler trying to figure out an acceptable way to live. We want people to be sympathetic about injustices done to homosexuals, women, Hispanics, Jews, and Asians but pretend that because our President is half-black, black people have the upper hand. Like they don’t need any assistance. America wants to pretend that democracy is the only sensible way too run a government, yet there is resistance from many countries to follow America’s lead. Then again, it seems that all governments believe that they have the ultimate system.

We want everyone to live abundantly but no one wants to give up what they have worked hard for. Women want to be treated equally as men, except when it comes to a violent altercation. In that case, the women should always be over protected, meaning “no man should ever put his hands on a woman.” Unless it’s a police officer, I suppose.

We say America is the greatest country on Earth, but have no true measurement to go by. We ignore the millions trapped in poverty, dangerous neighborhoods, poor school systems, and broken homes. We want police to stop killing black people, but black people won’t stop killing black people.

Christians label Islam as a threat to civilized society, but much blood has been spilt in the name of Jesus Christ. America celebrates it’s independence but not all were considered independent in 1776. Liberty and justice for some. But that’s ok, because we live in the greatest country in the world.

We complain about how people are too occupied with their phones. Wasting their lives away on social media, while at the same time we express these feelings of frustration on social media through our phones. We expect our President to create meaningful change, but human beings are the most resistant to change. We hate big corporations but push our kids to go to college so that they may one day work for a big corporation.

There have been many indigenous people who have created an almost disease free environment based on hygiene and diet, yet we have become a slave to science. Unlearning what the “savages” knew and re-establishing their own medical ideology based on extensive tests taken. It is becoming more apparent that the current medical practices are not sufficient nor appropriate and that more natural forms of medicine are what’s best for healing the body. “Well if it’s so bad here, why don’t you move somewhere else?” Safe to say I wouldn’t know where to move to and running away doesn’t usually solve the problem. But it is odd, because everyone wants to spend their life traveling. Why don’t they go? Probably don’t know where to go. 

I’ve become insensitive to Michael Brown because I know there has been worse. Over 6 million Jews were massacred in compliance to 1 mans ideology. A man who believed that a pure race of blonde hair, blue-eyed people was the superior race. Interestingly enough, Hitler had the blue eyes but not the blond hair. I guess he wasn’t tainted.

Motivational Speakers are meant to help people focus on self-improvement and achieving their goals. They are students of human behavior and thinking. They typically don’t jump into controversial topics due to fear of hurting their image. Or maybe they feel that they have no moral obligation to do so. It is possible they just don’t have anything to say. Imagine that.

Meat eaters wonder how vegetarians and vegans get their protein but worry little about how they will get their nutrition from a McDouble. Everybody wants to get married but nobody wants to learn HOW to be married. We say that family is the most important thing. Then why haven’t they made that a core class in school?

Everybody wants to invest their lives into college but everyone wants to ignore the ROI on the debt they collected. We don’t like people telling us what to do but we don’t want to run our own business. Money has been claimed to not be the most important thing, but having a job is. We hate to be judged but it is in our nature to judge others. Chivalry is dead, but that only ever pertained to medieval  Europeans. And even then, women were treated as second class citizens unless you were part of the royal family. A piece of meat is how you would have been looked at. America hasn’t treated women much better until recently. The Eastern part of the world isn’t doing too hot in this category either. Then again, with liberty comes responsibility and many women have taken it upon themselves to express their liberties in sometimes irresponsible manners ,while till searching for respect. How many women stay innocent until marriage?

We expect adults to obey the law but allow those who uphold the law break them. We expect all children to get good grades but don’t give all schools equal financial assistance. We believe the rich are selfish pricks, yet we only like to follow those who look like money and smell like success. We command our children to listen to our instructions when we can’t even follow our own principles.

Don’t shoot,  I have a gun. Might as well be what America is saying to the world. America has become a bully; I guess it kind of always was. But I guess China and Russia are saying the same thing. From the weapons of mass destruction, to the Drones and the over throwing of governments. In return, we get Isis and other terrorist groups. Then again, if we didn’t get involved how much better off would the world be? It’s hard to tell, but I’d like to think the people’s intentions are good.

Don’t shoot, I have a voice. I have a mind and that mind has thoughts which originate to form a perspective that inevitably will spit out an opinion. My true opinion is that our education system needs work and our post-school education is non-existent. Entertainment is good and all, but we as a human race need to continue to dive deep into the world of scholarly bliss. When you stop learning, your mind stops forming new ways of thinking and you are undoubtably stuck in a box that you can’t ever hope to get out of. You won’t be able to understand the human being sitting across from you who has grown up in a different land, with a different culture, and a different environment. You won’t see the gaps in the system. You won’t catch your own wrong doings. You won’t see who is to blame for your troubles.

Don’t shoot, I have a gun.

And it’s loaded.

I’m afraid.






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