This Is What Success Looks Like

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The accomplishment of an aim or purpose. The attainment of popularity or profit. A person or thing that achieves desired aims or attains prosperity. These are the definitions I have found for describing success. Accomplishment, achievement, and attainment. Capturing some worthy ideal or goal. Grabbing hold of ones desires and seeing your dreams manifest before your very eyes. Success, in one sense, is a place you reach. But as we have heard many times before, success is a journey and not a destination.

How so? No one really asks that question. I think we all have just kind of accepted it. I’m not even sure if most people think its true. Human beings tend to go along with things. If enough people go in one direction, then the rest will follow the herd. It’s natural. No one really wants to be considered an outcast, a black sheep, or the weirdo. No, everybody wants to blend in, not make too much noise, and just be apart of the gang. We want to be everybody’s friend.

But you can’t be everybody’s friend for you won’t please everybody. And if you want to be successful, I’m talking about real success, then you must stick out from the crowd on some occasions. Why? Because real success requires you to do things that most people won’t.

Journey to success

What does success look like? It looks like me and you. It looks like money and it looks like happiness. It looks like peace and it looks like fulfillment. It looks like hard work and it looks like talent. It looks easy and it look tough. Success has no particular lifestyle but it does have a particular origin. It comes from within.

Have you ever felt successful? It’s amazing right. You feel invincible. Like you’re standing on top of the world. Like you’re 10-feet tall. Like you just won the lottery. Nothing can get you down when you’re in the blissful state of success. The world just feels right. But how does one get there, to that peaceful section of the room? You get their by accomplishing, achieving and attaining your goals.

Now when I say goals, I don’t mean your goal of making it though the work week. That is not a worthy ideal. You did not accomplish something worth talking about, you merely have survived your own inflicted torture. A true goal is one that requires you to push for it. It’s when you have to be focused and poised in order to draw out your greatest skill. A goal is a mission that needs to be completed otherwise you cannot move on to the next level. Your life progression depends on it. You may be ok if you don’t reach it, but you will also miss out on some sort of upgrade if you fail to make it happen. A goal is exciting and scary at the same time. A goal is important to you. A goal is written down and memorized. It is something that is challenging for you. It requires your utmost attention and keen senses. A goal is wanting to make the varsity team your freshman year. Wanting your pregnant daughter to graduate high school. Wanting to make your first million in business this year. Wanting to find your soul mate. Wanting to find the strength to forgive somebody. A goal is a destination that you know is possible for you to fall short of ever reaching it.

R.I.P. Success

Today we bury our successes of the past for they do us no good in the present. Just like yesterdays failures do not write our script for what we will accomplish in the future, yesterdays success does not promise us victory tomorrow. The life span of success is short and roaming. It cannot stay long for the actions that created its existence only pertains to the realization of that particular set of goals. Once those goals are fulfilled, they have an expiration on how relevant they are in our lives. Yes, that’s right. Success and our goals have an expiration date on it. If you have won todays game, it does not count for next weeks competition. Seeing as how everyday counts and your opponent will be preparing ASAP after their game, it becomes imperative that celebration for your latest victory be shortly lived because you have to get ready now. Your once successful performance is now just another useless memory of what once was and now your eyes are fixed on what now is.

Think about the road a team must travel before they get to the National Championship. All of the pit stops, check points and small victories all in preparation for the big one. Success must be met time after time through a season before one could ever hope to be a participant on the big stage. Then of course somebody wins and somebody loses. This is an obvious distinction, but something not so obvious happens soon after. Each competitor gets back to working their tails off to hopefully be lucky enough to be on the National stage once again next year. It never ends.

Let success die. It has run its course. Let failure die, it has done it’s job. Set the next goal, it will keep you moving. It will keep you on the journey. Meaning, you will forever have the opportunity to possibly step into a blissful state of oneness, as long as you are not stuck at your last destination. Every success ever born must surely die, move on before you see it for yourself.



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This Is What Success Looks Like

Mel Jones #coachMP