Top 10 Powerful Thinking YouTube Channels

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Powerful Thinking YouTube Channels

Powerful Thinking, the art of thinking creatively and critically. It is a technique of thought. It is a skill and ability that implies self-awareness, as well as understanding and empathy of other people. It is the power to connect history with current events in order to efficiently predict the future in relation to most situations and circumstances. For the majority of people, Powerful Thinking is impossible and honestly considered a waste of time. For many different reasons, but that is neither here nor there. What is important is that if you wish to tap into your Powerful Thinking capabilities, then it behooves you to learn from the wisdom left behind by Powerful Thinkers.

Here are my Top 10 Powerful Thinking YouTube Channels


et the hiphop preacher

Eric Thomas, AKA ET The HipHop Preacher, is a world renown motivational speaker and entrepreneur. He is most famously known for his “Guru Story” and his regular Monday motivationals Thank God It’s Monday! He has not only transformed the lives of millions in the US, but he has also touched the souls of people living all across the world. ET speaks in grade schools, high schools,  juvenile detention centers, penitentiaries,  franchises, colleges, and professional sports venues. He’s not about fluff, he’s about change and living the 120 lifestyle. ET treats life like a basketball game, always looking to make the triple double and be dubbed the MVP. He guides CEO’s in growing their company, parents in raising their children, couples in building a stronger relationship, and ministers his own congregation.

2. Elliott Hulse

elliott hulse

Elliott Hulse is a fitness Guru and Philosophy junkie. He is an expert in the functions of the body, including all of its muscles, bones, organs, tissues, and nerves. Why is he so important to my list? Because Elliott is a deep studyer of the mind, body and how they both interconnect. Notice I did not say interact. He his by default considered a motivator of sorts, simply due to his belief in growing stronger physically, as well as mentally everyday. Elliott has gone from doing videos in his small garage gym, to a now fully furnished warehouse complete with a turf field and state of the art powerlifting platforms. He’s a strong and powerful dude who is not afraid to dive deep into his feelings to gain a greater understanding of himself and help you to do the same.


3. Gary Vaynerchuk

gary vaynerchuck

Gary Vaynerchuk is considered the Hustler of all hustlers. He is a no-nonsense individual who works from 9-5 and then 5-9. You don’t have to believe me, you can check out his DailyVee show that he records everyday displaying his constantly non-stop moving life. He also has taken it upon himself to do a regular segment called the #AskGaryVeeShow. It’s such a huge hit because of the dense, rich content that bypasses all the fluff when it comes to being a successful entrepreneur. Gary Vee is about solving problems and getting results, not about motivation. He’s about building businesses and creating long-lasting and meaningful relationships with people. He has the strongest work ethic and the biggest heart. He will inject a dose of self-awareness that is so potent that you will immediately understand where you fit in the economic structure.

4. Evan Carmichael

evan carmichael

Evan’s channel is an incubator for success. His channel is popular for compiling clips from the most successful people in the world and dissecting their unofficial Top 10 Rules that allowed them to become so successful. He’s done this so well that he even has made a video for himself giving Evan Carmichael’s Top 10 Rules for success. He has successfully gone through hours of footage on each of his subjects, from Michael Jordan, to Oprah, to Tony Robbins and even Harrison Ford. No successful individual is off-limits, and everyone has a list of nuggets to give as long as Evan is concerned.

5. RockNewmanShow

rock newman show

Rock Newman is like Larry King mixed with a bit of Motown. His show involves highly intelligent individuals who are in the know and the thick of Americas most prominent issues to date. Rock isn’t focused on the past, he is concerned about the future and what people should know so that they can do the right things to make this a better country and ultimately a better world. Rock’s ability to ask inquisitive questions as well as unearth the truth from his guest has made his show a one-of-a-kind center for powerful information.

6. Lewis Howes

lewis howes

Lewis Howes is most revered by his over 300 episode podcast The School of Greatness. While receiving over 1 million downloads a month, Lewis has interviewed many of the most successful and world-class athletes, entrepreneurs, writers, musicians and actors the world has ever seen. Through his boyish charm and warm personality, Lewis is able to coax information from his guests that they have never been willing to share ever before on any other show. By his grace and wanting to provide people with the most opportunity for growth, Lewis Howes has video recorded his podcast interviews so that we able to not only hear our favorite idols, but watch them as well.

7. Tai Lopez

tai lopez

When it comes to self-development, Tai takes the crown. He is one the biggest readers and sharers of knowledge on this side of YouTube land. Though he is famous for doing his videos in a garage with his Ferrari in the background, he may have a book shelf that is literally worth more than his car! Tai credits his success to having awesome mentors to guide him from being flat broke sleeping on someones couch to becoming a multimillionaire and success guru. But once again, he could not do it alone. That is why he has made it his mission to enlighten as many people, especially kids, with the powerful information that changed his life for the best one book at a time.

8. TrentShelton

trent shelton

Trent Shelton is the man you look for when you are looking to tap into the power of your emotions. I’m not talking about RaRa, hype man type of stuff. I’m talking about overcoming those heart wrenching situations that your stomach gets tied up into knots at night for. Trent is a master at helping people to let go what or who is toxic. He is the expert of deleting emotional baggage and bringing to the light the soul sucking demons disguised as your friends.

9. CT Fletcher Motivation

ct fletcher

I think his picture says enough. CT Fletcher, the Superman of Compton, is the baddest mofo to ever step foot in or out of a gym. He is more than motivational, he is the reason you will push yourself. He is fire. He is fear, the fear that if you are not willing to kill yourself in order to get stronger than he might kill you himself. CT Fletcher has only one belief that he strongly lives by and teaches. No matter how tired, how hurt, or how beat down you are, it is still your set and you are expected to pick up whatever challenge may lay in front of you.

10. Shots of Awe

jason silva

Jason Silva is the super schematic brain behind the “wonderment” that runs this powerful YouTube channel Shots of Awe. Beauty is what he is after. The beauty of the known, the unknown and what we are soon to know. His word imagery acts as a paint brush being applied slowly to the canvas located in the back of your mind. He hijacks your current thoughts and replaces them with new possibilities of what truly is. Jason makes the big seem just as small as the tiniest microorganism and yet keeps us in conscious awareness that there is an entire universe within even a bead of water. Shots of Awe is a collection of existential bliss meant to unlock your brain from the confines of everyday thinking and open up your mind to possibilities that were always there.


I am not the only “Powerful Thinking Coach” in the world and I am definitely not the first nor will I be the last. I am simply the only one proclaimed, at least that I know of. I’m sure you can find another somewhere out there. And I credit my knowledge to the many Powerful Thinkers, Scholars, Scientists, Researchers, Gurus, and Successors out there who have been generous enough to share their deep well of life impacting information. It is my natural inclination to learn more than what I have been forced fed by the education system and my parents, that has allowed me to grow my scholarship to a level that allows me to properly elevate through this world and create the exact life that I see fit for me and my family. But if it wasn’t for those before me, I would not know what to do, where to go, how to think, and would be vulnerable to the painful lessons of pure life experience. “Trial and error.”



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