Moment of Clarity

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moment of clarity

Chapter 78 of  “90:Building The Ultimate Empire”

You GRIND, and you hustle, and you work, and you GRIND some more. You cry, you laugh, you get angry, you get excited, and you get confused. You know, you think you know, you thought you knew, you are pretty sure, you are not so sure, and you’re just plain lost. You have it, you got it, you drop it, you pick it up, it’s yours, it’s there, and it’s somewhere else. The up and downs, highs and lows, far and in-between and here you are, still existing. Still breathing in one breath at a time. There’s your job. There’s your roommate. There’s your future. You forgot your past or at least you tried. Or maybe you’re living in the past. But here you are. Every inch of you standing there or sitting down in most cases. Currently reading these lines, thinking your thoughts, and wondering what it all means. But it becomes too much to ponder and you just get back to doing what you were doing, until one day you look up again and realize, there you are.

Why GRIND? Why work so hard? Why push yourself so much? Why put yourself through it all? For those little moments of clarity. Those moments when the world just makes sense. When you feel at harmony with the universe. It’s moments like these that make your efforts worthwhile. It’s purpose. It’s destiny. It’s finding reasons for everything even if you can’t explain it all. That’s good, you don’t need to explain it all because you have it all.

Even if for a brief moment, you have it all. And then there will come a moment when you will lose it, even if nothing ever changed, you still feel like you’ve lost everything you had. Yet you know you can get it back if you just keep taking more steps forward.

Some people try to capture this moment through the TV, movies, or news. Some watch sports. Some drink and party. Others do hard drugs. Many gossip and complain, but few invest time in themselves. You might find a moment or 2 of clarity within these pages. I can’t promise you will, but you never know. But I do know if you are stuck at odds with yourself, your inner being will be ripped to shreds and the closest you will ever get to clarity in this state will be in disillusion.

Know your dream. Have a vision for what your Ultimate Empire looks like and GRIP it tight. Times will get unbelievably tough, of course, it happens to all of us. But when you’re able to outlast and gain momentum, pick up the pace and catch your stride, I’m telling you something magical happens. Probably better than reaching the dream itself. That moment comes when you realize you are exactly where you ought to be in the universe. Right now, Right here. There you are, just like I said. If everyone only knew that this moment would come to them too, then maybe more people would put in that extra effort to build their Ultimate Empire just a little bit longer.




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