Top 10 Powerful Thinking Books

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top 10 powerful thinking books

Top 10 Powerful Thinking Books

I’m the first to admit that reading is not my favorite event and yet it is one of my most practiced activities. I read on a daily basis because of the effect it has had on my brain, my body, and my life. Yep, not just my mind is affected. Most of us are unaware of what a good book will do to your body and life. We tend to equate information as something separate from us. Like how a computer and phone is visually separate from our body, and yet it’s functioning acts as an extension of our very being. But we still recognize that it is a separate entity. Still, the information that the laptop, desktop, or smartphone downloads directly affects the physical functioning of the device. When a computer gets a virus, all that is happening is a malfunctioning of code. Bad information has been absorbed, causing the computer to act against it’s original operating system. This is what happens when we put bad information into our bodies.

When you go to school you are forced to read tons of textbooks, articles, and paragraphs. The majority of this information is memorized but seldomly learned. We hold onto it just long enough to take the test and then we let it go. So, even the college educated graduate has very little knowledge leftover after schooling and is subject to absorbing only the information that they receive from people, media, tv shows, movies, music, magazines, blogs, our jobs, and whatever we tell ourselves. Though all of these sources of code play a factor in influencing us, what typically effects us the most is what we either are exposed to most often or what we focus on most intently.

When you are reading your focus becomes very acute and causes you to narrow in on the subject matter. In fact, you are even exercising your brain muscles. You are causing a physical change in your mind which sends physical signals throughout the body. And typically when we read, we do in a very quiet and secluded  setting. The stimulants of the digital age that typically keep our brains turbo charged become dormant for the time being, allowing our mind to rest and calm itself for a bit. It is this constant ability to calm oneself and focus in on a subject matter that creates the necessary mental muscle that is needed to become not just an intelligent human being but a Powerful Thinker. Meaning, it allows us to actually LEARN the information.

I say all of this just to explain to you why I CHOOSE to read books everyday even though I have a hard time sitting still to do it. It is because of the effect it has on my mind, body, and life. Now, there are alot of powerful books out there, many that I have yet to read myself, but so far my journey of life long reading has brought to these pieces of work to the forefront of my attention. Here are my Top 10 Powerful Thinking Books.


1) Money Master The Game by Tony Robbins

money master the game

Money makes the world go round. We all know it and unconsciously or consciously we believe in it. We go to school for money, we go to work for money, we get degrees for money, we follow orders for money, we lose sleep for money, and we even die for money. Money has consumed us, and yet most of us have barely enough of it. Even the millionaires don’t have enough of it. Not because they are flashy and high class, but because they are forced to live in neighborhoods that cost alot of money. Why? Because it would be unsafe and irresponsible to live otherwise. So, across the board the problem is the same. Nobody can hold on to their money! I’ve noticed this for quite some time and now Tony’s book has enlightened me on how this is happening. It’s because we weren’t taught how to retire effectively, only how to work. It’s alot of reading and a whole lot of boring information, but I guarantee you that Tony Robbins has made it clear and understandable for everybody. And I also guarantee you that it’s worth taking the time to read if you plan on not becoming another dependent to social security.


2) The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris

the four hour workweek

I praise this book not because it will allow you to work only 4-hours per week gauranteed for the rest of your life. No, I won’t guarantee that at all. Is it possible? Of course it is, but it takes hard work, diligence, and many hours of trial and error first. Tim has just basically given us a road map on where we should do our testing and how we should go about doing it. Just as a disclaimer, I don’t believe this book will necessarily fit the mold perfectly for everybody, but it will definitely give the average person an idea of what they could do to open up more time in their lives for themselves and their own self desires. He also gives helpful tips on how to transition into becoming a self sufficient entrepreneur or a world traveling employee. It sounds wacky, but through proven case studies Tim has developed some strong strategies and supplied us with invaluable tools to make the dream an actual reality.


3) The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene

the art of seduction

I think this is probably considered one of those taboo books. Robert Greene has some powerful books that he has written and all of them have been highly successful. Though this is not his most famous work, it is definitely my favorite. The reason why is because it displays our truest nature. We are seducers, or at least we want to be. Doesn’t mean we want to seduce everybody we come into contact with, but we do at least want to seduce the person we are partnered with, as well as be seduced by our partner. Why is this? I don’t know, it’s human nature. In fact, it’s deeper than humans, it animal nature. That’s why this book belongs in my Top 10 Powerful Thinking Books. Robert is talking about and even categorizing the very thing we participate in everyday as we interact with people we have at least the slightest bit of attraction towards. Seduction.


4) Signals by Allan Pease

book on body language

I explain this in one of my #coachMP Intro Courses Reading & Speaking Body Languagehow important and useful it is to understand body language for two obvious reasons. 1) So you will have an idea for how the other person is feeling and 2) So you now recognize what type of signals you may be giving off to other people. Simple right? And yet still, people are constantly sending and receiving bad vibes without ever realizing they are doing it. Allan Pease gives an array of explanations and examples of what people are typically telling us unconsciously. For instance, if you notice that a persons pupils are dilated during your interaction, chances are they really do like you. Fascinating, I know. When you are actively thinking about how the person across from you is responding to your words and presence, you gain a whole new awareness that allows you to shift gears before things ever get out of hand. This is called steering the conversation. A Powerful Thinker isn’t just someone who is smart in the classroom or in business, it’s the person who is actively thinking the most frequently about their work, their future, their impact, and their communication in real time.


5) How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

how to win friends and influence people

An absolute classic in the self development world and highly popular book written by a very Popular man in 1936. It is so popular in fact, that there are Dale Carnegie Training courses taught to individuals and corporate companies all across the world. This book was around the second or third I read during the start of my self development journey in 2013. It did not make me a communications expert, but it made me better. I instantly became more aware of how I interacted with people, especially when it comes to the skill of listening. Dale’s book gives principles along with real life accounts of how they were implemented and rendered successful.


6) Good To Great by Jim Collins

good to great

I’m not going to lie to you, this book can get really boring really fast, and yet I put it on my Top 10 list. Why would I do this to you? Because this isn’t the Most Entertaining Books list. If you truly want to become a Powerful Thinker in business, this is the book for you. Doesn’t matter if your  an entrepreneur, CEO, or small business, this book will cut you in on a little secret that millions of businesses have been trying to figure out for years. What’s that secret? It’s an incredible formula derived by Jim and his team. Have fun. 


7) The 10X Rule by Grant Cardone

10x rule

When it comes to motivation, I like that face to face interaction. If I can get in a room with a top speaker who will fire me up, that’s my idea of a good time. Even watching a motivational video will put me in the mindset to achieve greatness. But a book? They can be interesting at times or even entertaining, but they don’t typically get my blood pumping. The 10X Rule is something entirely different. It stands in a class of it’s own. I knew it was a good read and came to me highly recommended, yet I wasn’t prepared for the supercharge it gave my life. A Powerful Thinker is not only somebody who thinks with great intent and intellect, but they also think with supreme confidence and desire. The type to get you making 10X the amount of action than ever thought necessary to build a dream lifestyle.


8) The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

the tipping point

We have stepped out into critical thinking territory. Why do trends come and go? What causes a business to catch on fire with no new products? What turns a good neighborhood into a bad one? Questions that many have asked but few have been able to successfully answer. Malcolm Gladwell has brilliantly solved the riddle, unfortunately he doesn’t have a one size fits all template to answer the question to all trends. Instead, what he has is a way of looking at things. By looking for the unassuming beginning of each new era, you will find some small and seemingly insignificant component that ended up spiraling into something massive and uncontrollable, good or bad. The next question is, can you artificially create a scenario to where you can stop a bad trend from happening or get a good one going? 


9) The 5 Levels of Leadership by John C. Maxwell

the 5 levels of leadership

I believe everyone in life should read this book. It’s not that it’s the best written book of all time, it’s just the most practical and universally needed piece of information in the whole entire world. Your current level of leadership. There are a lot of leadership books out there and John C. Maxwell has written most of them, but there is something about this book that just stands out. It’s simple, straight forward, and eye opening. It’s the most objective way to look at your current status or relationship you share with other people. All human interactions involve some form of leadership, especially in the case of organizations, companies, sports teams, and families. Understanding your leadership status brings a powerful level of self awareness to the forefront, giving you the chance to improve most sufficiently.   


10) The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

the four agreements

To me, this is the forgiveness book. Though none of the agreements say forgiveness, they in essence spell forgiveness. They teach fellowship. They encourage love. People talk about how this world is cruel, cold, and messed up, but who is offering a solution? We know how to solve poverty and hunger, we just have a problem with each other and that is the only barrier holding us back. We need love, but saying the word LOVE doesn’t cut it. It must be taught through powerful and pragmatic principles. Or in this case, agreements.




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