3 Strategies I Use To Keep A Powerful Mindset

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3 Strategies I Use To Keep A Powerful Mindset

I keep a strong mindset by using three techniques.

1) Reading powerful books
2) Listening to powerful speakers/entrepreneurs/thought leaders
3) Repeating my WHY

I read books on a daily that deal with health, mental toughness, spirituality, happiness, entrepreneurship, success, business, sales, fitness, communication, emotions, and mindset. I do it when things are going great to prepare myself for when things go wrong. I double it down when things are bad, because I know the best way to get out of a bad situation is to have the proper mindset and knowledge at hand. This is how I was able to go from receiving eviction notices from my landlord to being the #1 Personal Trainer out of 130 other trainers in 2015.

I listen to powerful speakers to keep my energy levels up. It’s awesome when I’m happy and hopeful for the future because those speakers just amplify my ambitions and efforts. But when I’m scared, or depressed, or angry, or doubtful, or sick, or tired, or in any type of pain, those speakers push me past those obstacles. This was a big help during my college football days. Not playing for the first 4 years can really make you doubt yourself. But Eric Thomas and Will Smith kept me focused everyday until I finally won the starting position halfway though my last season.

Your WHY can get you through anything. Or as Friedrich Nietzsche put it “He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.” For me, this WHY changes every so often. Sometimes throughout a day. Just depends on what’s going on in my life. That WHY reminds me of what I am suppose to do. It keeps me on track. It is how I finished writing my first book after 9 months of struggle. Because I remembered WHY. To show people what a powerful mindset could do.

I kept it short and sweet today.
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