10X Your Depression Resurrection

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10x your depression resurrection

How I Bounce Back From Depression


I find depression to be a tricky subject, especially when it comes to clinical depression. You know, when the doctor gives you their “official” diagnosis that someone has depression. I’m not saying that doctors are not correct in their diagnosis, I just may not agree with how they handle almost all cases of depression with “magic pills.”

What is depression? “Feelings of severe despondency and dejection,” says the internet. In fact, Wikipedia has this to describe its possible symptoms:

People with a depressed mood can feel sad, anxious, empty, hopeless, helpless, worthless, guilty, irritable, angry, ashamed or restless. They may lose interest in activities that were once pleasurable, experience loss of appetite or overeating, have problems concentrating, remembering details or making decisions, experience relationship difficulties and may contemplate, attempt or commit suicide. Insomnia, excessive sleeping, fatigue, aches, pains, digestive problems or reduced energy may also be present.

And then there are the many types of depression. From major, to manic, and even seasonal to name a few. And you know what else? I myself have experienced depression.

To tell you the truth, I’ve been depressed multiple times. It’s funny though, I’ve been told by a person who has been “diagnosed” with depression that there is a difference between being really “sad” and being depressed. As if to say that I was probably just down on my luck and my emotional state was of no serious significance. Pretty judgmental, especially coming from a depressed person, LOL.

But you see, that’s the point. Nobody knows how you feel. Nobody thinks your thoughts. It’s not about whether you deserve to be depressed or not, because in reality a lot of us shouldn’t be. Unfortunately, a lot of us still are and that’s the truth. Furthermore, if you are depressed or even really “sad”, something needs to be done to get you out of that funk otherwise your life will suffer because of it. Who am I to judge how “depressed” you really are, I just know what it means to be suicidal. I know what it feels like to be overwhelmed with anxiety. I understand being ashamed, angry, and feeling helpless all at the same time. There have been many times when I wanted to curl up into a little ball and go cry in the corner. I’ve had the sleep problems and loss of appetite. Trust me when I tell you that I know how this thing works, but I also know how to combat it for I have won every battle I have faced with this sleeping demon.

I say sleeping because that’s what it does, it puts you to sleep. It lulls you into dormancy. It hinders your movements and that is why it is highly important that you move swiftly before it succeeds in its quest. Yes, depression is a hormonal imbalance but so is anger. When you get dangerously upset with somebody, your adrenaline and testosterone levels go through the roof. Typically, the average person is educated and aware enough to not allow this feeling of powerful rage take control of their body. The same idea of education and awareness can be used to defeat depression and that is how I have dealt with my depressive spells. Here are the 10 methods that I still use to this day to win the fight against depression.

1) Reboot The Nervous System

I got this one from Wim Hof while listening to his interview with the Host of The School of Greatness podcast, Lewis Howes. Hof talked about not only the importance of breathing when it came to relaxing the body and focusing the mind, but also the effects it had on the nervous system. According to this breathing expert, and the countless studies done on him, when done right you can reboot your nervous system. Meaning, you can hit the restart button on your mind and body just like you do on your computer. This is the key to halting that downward spiral that tends to happen during our spells of depression. It starts out small and then it grows bigger and bigger and bigger, until we are unable to think straight. Basically, the hormones cortisol and noradrenaline have taken over and just won’t seem to let up. This is where the breathing comes into play.

This is how Wim Hof explained and demonstrated one quick 4 minute technique that anyone could do in his interview with Lewis. You take in 30 deep breaths, in and out at a nice pace. After the 30th breath you take in one more big breath and hold it,  immediately falling into a push up position. Then, with your lungs filled with air and air passage ways closed, you begin doing push ups until you can’t do any more. Viola, your cured! Kinda.

It sounds simple, but trust me it works and for two reasons. First off, it takes your mind completely off of anything your thoughts might be stuck on because all you could possibly be thinking about is wanting to breathe. Second, the combination of the 2 stressors (push ups and breath holding) create an effect that some how releases you from the tight grips of life’s worries. At least temporarily.

Before we move on though, I want to give you one more rebooting strategy. COLD SHOWERS. I myself have used both techniques, even one right after the other. First the breathing and push ups, then the 30 second cold shower. The cold shower is another stressor that shocks the body and brings new life to you. The last time I used these two strategies together was the first time I did either because of a dragging sense of anxiety that had been lingering for over a week was driving my crazy. I had known about cold showers for healing purposes but not for overcoming emotional imbalances, and when I combined it with the 4 minute breathing exercise of Wim Hof my whole world changed in an instant.

2) Meditation & Reflection

There is a reason why I put this second and not first, because it is usually too difficult to concentrate on your thoughts when your hormone levels are out of whack. At the same time, the system reboot doesn’t get rid of those overwhelming feelings forever, assuming your cause for depression is external by nature. This is why it is important, as well as effective, to physically reset the body so that you may then be able to reset the mind through different meditative practices.

(The list of meditative practices is long and vast. You can easily google all of the different forms it comes in, so I won’t waste your time going too deep into it. Instead, I will get to the meat of it all. The key is to reflect and gain retrospect on you and your life)

Meditation and reflection are virtually the same thing, how you practice is up to you. Many people do it many different ways, I do it a few ways.

A) I’ll do the traditional criss-cross apple sauce style on the floor or on my bed with the zen music playing in the background and the lights off. My goal here is to understand what am I depressed about and decide whether or not it makes sense to be.

B) I’ll talk to myself in the shower. This is my favorite one for I feel totally free in this environment. It’s like a safe zone for me where I can talk out loud freely without having to worry about if someone can hear me. Also, the flowing water helps my thoughts to “flow” better.

C) This last method consists of journaling or blogging. I don’t blog about my feelings too often and journaling is a rare activity for writing is not my favorite pastime, but I will occasionally indulge for I find that writing gives your brain the best opportunity to organize thoughts in an efficient manner. It’s like painting your thoughts with words.

3) Reading & Listening

AKA brainwashing. When you add step 2 & 3 together you will find that many people indulge in these two activities on a regular basis when confronted with unwanted situations or scenarios. What do I mean? Have you ever met a complainer? I know you have, and typically all they want to do is talk about their problems and not really fix them. So, what are they really doing besides annoying you? They’re reflecting. It’s their version of the “talking out loud in the shower” except anyone within earshot can hear them. And then, there are those who come to you looking for advice about their relationship, their job, their weight, their studies, their friends and whatever other problems they have. You give them all the good stuff they need to hear like move on, join a gym, go on a diet, go back to school, make new friends and yet what does the average person do? They don’t listen and go about doing things the same way they’ve always done it and come back to you again crying about the same issue.

Since we all know people like this, what can we asses from their redundant actions? What are they trying to accomplish? They are trying to change their thinking, but are failing at it. Why? Because they need more information by the truck load, and fast.

This is where brainwashing comes into play. If you’re just angry or even sad about something, it might not take much talking it out for you to get over it. Just a phrase or two can do the charm sometimes. But when you’re fighting depression, you are fighting a BEAST that won’t let go just because you heard a cute quote like, “don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better,” from motivational guru Jim Rohn. Oh no, the monster might go away for a few minutes or even a few hours if you’re lucky, but it hasn’t given up just yet. You literally have to drown it in positive and powerful information on a daily basis because once you have come to the conclusion that you are actually “depressed” you will have been a victim of constant negative thinking for a long period of time that would by now have latched onto your very personality. When I say personality, I’m referring to your natural way of thinking. A mind stuck in depression is stuck in a negative que cycle. You think of one bad thought that makes you feel bad and it triggers another bad thought, a deeper bad thought, a more detailed bad thought, and you will most likely replay the same bad scenes in your mind over and over again. You’re stuck in a loop and that loop has to be disrupted. This is why near death experiences change people’s personality so drastically and instantly, because their old way of thinking has been disrupted by the most powerful force know to man. DEATH.

So, we know that a cute phrase or going to one counseling session probably won’t cure you of your depression because the disruption is too small. Coming close to death could be effective, but I don’t think we should try it out. And unless you have thousands of dollars to go to a Tony Robbins week-long seminar to possibly be reprogrammed, you’re probably going to have to use the many free and affordable resources that our at our disposal on a ridiculously, regular basis.

Like I mentioned earlier, I have fought with depression and massive, prolonged anxiety many times partly due to the genes I share with my mother, and have not only pulled myself out of it but I also continued to be productive and create success. I do it simply by reading powerful books everyday, listening to powerful podcasts everyday, watching powerful videos, playing powerful up lifting music, engaging in productive/expressive activities, and speaking with positive language. Sounds like something we can all do right? Let’s dive deeper:

Books: What kind of books do I read? Like the late Zig Ziglar once said, “the good, the clean, and the powerful.” I read up on positive thinking, leadership, motivation, success, money, human behavior, health & wellness, sales, meditation, wealth, love, relationships, science, astrology  and business. It’s important to not only read powerful literature on the daily but to also read from different genres so that you keep your mind interested and make connections that you never thought were possible. It takes your mind for a stroll down new possibilities. It distracts you for a moment because you begin to think in new ways. It expands you perception of your own life and the universe. And it makes your mental powers stronger, giving you new tools, skills and abilities in the realm of motivation, positive perception, as well as applicable skills you can use in the work place or in communication with others. This is where confidence begins to grow and depression starts to dwindle, for those who like to get lost in fantasy and fiction books to get their minds off of depressing thoughts understand that it can be beneficial in the short-term but it will not provide you with the mental counter attacks necessary to combat and block those mental ques that can send your consciousness into a dark spiral.

Podcasts: Same idea and targeted result when it comes to choosing the right podcasts to listen too. Me personally, I like to absorb from people like Tim Ferris, Eric Thomas, Tony Robbins, Tai Lopez, Gary Vaynerchuk, Grant Cardone, Andy Frisella, Jocko Willink, Bruce Lee, John Lee Dumas, Neil Degrass Tyson, Sam Harris, The Investors Podcast, Ted Radio Hour, Joe Rogan, Lewis Howes, and Mark Minard. Yeah, I think that’s all of them. Also, I not only listen to these podcast everyday, I ONLY listen to them. Meaning, if I’m in the car, at the gym, or even washing dishes, I have a podcast playing in the background. Why? To solidify my positive thinking dominance over my sensitive negative que’s.

Videos: This is how I have turned YouTube into a game changer instead of a time sucker. I typically play the most powerful, positive, and useful videos I can find on the web while I am cooking my food and while I am eating. I eat and cook only one meal a day at this particular point in my life so this gives me about a 2-3 hour window of “TV” time with my laptop and I don’t waste it on negativity or things I don’t really care to watch. I would say though, if you are spending time reading and listening to powerful podcasts on a daily basis, then I wouldn’t be mad at you if you spent your lunch time watching a cool movie :).

I know, I know, this section was way too long but I have to reinforce it into your head. I wrote these 10 steps in order of time sensitivity, but this step is the most important and long-term effective step. Imagine for a second that you or somebody you know is standing in front of a 100,000 foot high and wide land mass called Depression Mountain. This mountain is so big that the sun can never rise high enough for you to see it and the only way you could ever see the light again is if you dig directly through it with your one pickax. How many swings do you think it will take for you to reach the other side? One or maybe ten? Do you think the first book you read will end your depression? How about after a week straight of motivational YouTube videos? Do you truly believe that such a mountain can be penetrated after just a few swings of your mighty weapon? You and I both know the answer to that one, so it would make sense that I wouldn’t just leave you with a few paragraphs of cliché tips to help you defeat depression for a lifetime, right?


4) Exercise

Now we have stepped into the most obvious of tactics for helping us to demolish depression, EXERCISE. And not just exercise, but daily exercise. Why is this important? 1) Because we were born to move. 2) Exercise improves blood circulation which improves all physical health. 3) It helps to clear the mind. 4) It is a stress reliever. 5) It helps to distract from what is weighing on you. 6) Releases bottled up energy. 7) Makes the rest of your life seem easier in comparison (if you’re working out hard.). 8) Improves the bodies electrical current which helps to eliminate unwanted organisms. 9) Helps with body image and self-esteem. 10) I’m sure you can come up with a 10th reason on your own. Serotonin?

What kind of exercise should you partake in? Well, we already understand that it should be daily. As far as the type, strategy, difficulty or exertion level, it all depends on your current goals, abilities, weaknesses, experience and origin of your depression. If you like to lift weights then lift weights. If you like to run then hit the trail or the treadmill. If you love aerobics sign up for a class. If you want to lose weight and build muscle talk to a fitness professional. If you’re super out of shape start off slow and easy. If you’re in decent shape and know what you’re doing, crank it up a few notches. Even long sessions of stretching or Yoga count as exercise and can effectively aid in your mission. The variations and combinations are vast and should be handled on an individual basis, but the final answer is till the same. Exercise everyday, even if only for ten minutes. Just make every minute count.

5) Eating & Fasting

Most people don’t realize how much food plays a role in our everyday moods. In fact, have you ever noticed in movies that when a woman is immensely sad she almost always eats an entire tub of ice cream? This is because sugar creates a feeling of happiness because the sugar spike our energy levels. Have you ever heard someone calling an angry person salty? This is because sodium levels rise when you get angry, causing a lot of folks to gravitate towards salty foods like potato chips. Now, what do these two habits have in common as far as their results are concerned? The sugar spike us up and the chips increase our sodium levels, causing us to become more chemically an hormonally imbalanced. That can’t be good.

What is depression? A chemical imbalance. So, if we are eating in a fashion that aids in the disruption of our bodies homeostasis, it would greatly benefit us to adopt a strongly healthy diet to create a more balanced environment for our minds to operate in. Why is this important? Because if the body is constantly trying to regulate the drastic ups and down or spikes and crashes caused by our massive indulgences of salts, carbs, GMO’s, man-made chemicals, antibiotics, estrogen, and concentrated sugars, our brains will be too cloudy and preoccupied to effectively handle our depression. I actually accredit my successful management of suicidal thoughts to the drastic change in my eating lifestyle.

Like exercising, adopting an effective and healthy diet will most likely not cure you of depression but it will physically help. Depression doesn’t care who you are, what you’ve done, what you’ve been through, how good of a person you are, if you have a family or even if you are famous. It will attack you relentlessly just the same, so it is up to us to get on the offensive and attack that mountain with a fierce tenacity on all fronts.

So, when it comes to keeping the body hormonally balance and the mind clear from extra toxins, what shouldn’t you consume?

  • Candy, chips, juices, soda, tap water, fast food, a lot of bread, a lot of pasta, a lot of rice, a lot of starches, alcohol, cereal, a lot of dairy, or a lot of meat.

What should you absorb?

  • Vegetables, nuts, fruits, healthy meat(grass-fed, organic), healthy dairy(moderate), wild rice, sweet potatoes, spring water, cacao, seaweed chips, quinoa, herbal tea(chamomile and ginger), apple cider vinegar, Portobello mushrooms, coconut water, oatmeal and vitamin D.

The last part I want to cover in this section is fasting. There are different ways to fast and people do it for different reasons. Fasting is an awesome way to detoxify the body quickly and clear the mind of extra clutter, but it must be done cautiously and strategically. You can do it for extended periods of time, say for instance 24 to 72 hours, or you can do what is called intermittent fasting which is 16-20 hours of just water consumption and 4-8 hours of eating as much you can. Though both of these methods, if done correctly, can be effective in your weight loss, fat reduction, and body detoxification, it can be quite the stressor on the psyche due to over exertion of dealing with not eating for too long or drastic body composition change and possible over eating while practicing in the intermittent fast. My solution? Do one big, pre-planned meal per day coupled with some small, healthy snacks throughout the rest or your day. And if need be (I do this a lot myself) throw in one bad snack on days you feel you need it.

Here’s an example of a typical day for me:

  • Wake up: Table spoon of apple cider vinegar (great for allergies, sinuses and viruses) and a cup of organic chamomile/ginger tea.
  • Snacks: Seaweed chips  (Teriyaki or Wasabi flavored), walnuts, pumpkin seeds (sun flower seeds for women), or dark chocolate with 70% or more cacao.
  • Meal: Banana, home-made fruit juice (Green apples, strawberries, black berries, coconut water), bowl of salad (romaine lettuce, baby spinach, kale, home cooked Portobello mushrooms, kumatos, avocado, red onion, mixed with olive oil), half a cup of wild rice, and six brown eggs.
  • Bad snack of choice: White cheddar popcorn/Dulce De Leche ice cream

6) Goal Setting

This is where it’s starts to get tricky because as we all know, failing to reach our goals can sometimes be disheartening in and of itself so it is important that we are careful here. I am so cautious with this one that I put it on the back half of my depression conquering list though it is at the top of my own personal list. Why is that? Because I know who I am.

I don’t want to dive to deeply into the concept of self-awareness, but knowing how you “tick” is highly valuable and beneficial, especially when it comes to operating favorably within  your undesirable negative emotions. For me, I don’t have an issue failing to reach an objective. Not because I’m always successful (I fall short quite often), instead because goals help me to focus on something other than the negative thoughts that occupy my thinking space. If you are goal oriented like myself, and are empowered by daily goal striving activities then I would highly suggest that you put goal setting somewhere near the top of your to-do list. If you’re not naturally a goal oriented person, that’s ok, not everyone is supposed to be.

For those of you who are afraid of failure, dwelling on past failures, or become depressed just thinking about failing to reach an objective, I would start slow. This is why you need to know who you are because for me I need to start with some big goals to keep myself distracted, for others a big goal might become the negative distraction and the reason why you stay stuck. So, like I said before, start off nice and easy. You need to build some momentum first to boost up your confidence and distract yourself from negative thoughts. For instance, if your big goal is to lose 100lbs because you know that would make you happy but at the same time you feel as though it is impossible for you to attain, then just take it down a notch and shoot for losing 10lbs. Once again, you need to understand who you are. It is possible, and very likely when you are in a deeply depressive state, that even something seemingly small like losing 10lbs can feel like wrestling a mountain lion. Depression is mind altering and can greatly distort your perception. If this looks to be true for you when planning out your goals, then I want you to narrow it down to the ridiculous. In the 100lb weight loss case, I would tell you to make your immediate goal getting in the gym everyday this week. If that seems depressingly impossible, then just focus on making it in today. You have to become a master at self distraction. If thinking about tomorrow is overwhelming then remember tomorrow never existed and only respect the presence of today. I won’t even lead you to the next day for there is no next day. There is only today.

Before we move on to the big stuff I would like for everyone to get a tight grip on to this one concept of goal setting when defeating the tyrant known as depression. Whether you goal is big, small, or somewhere in the middle, be sure to only set one.

7) Dreaming

When you have a good dream you feel great, when you have a bad dream it’s a nightmare. In fact, your body will physically and chemically react in accordance with your dreams. Meaning, if you are having anxiety in your dream, your body will react as if you’re having an anxiety moment in the real world. If you’re having a super happy moment inside of your mental cinema, your physical body will release more serotonin which is a “happiness hormone” we all create within our bodies. Is this making sense? If so, you must already realize that we have very little control over our nightly dreams, so how does this help you? Well, I know that we have a lot more say so over that which we daydream.

The only way to do great work is to love what you do

-Steve Jobs

When people recite Steve Jobs “love what you do” quote, they are typically speaking about career or business. Whenever I read it, I think about my life. I want to love how I live my life and most of the time I do, but most of the time I don’t feel like doing.

This is what the Gurus tell you, to build your dream life requires a lot of work. This is what they don’t tell you, living your dream life requires a lot of work. Does this make sense? Here is a great example. All authors love to produce a beautiful peace of literature, but not all of them like the writing process. The long hours, the reading and re-reading, the researching, the editing, and the rush to get it done before the deadline. Most authors dislike a lot of the necessary steps it takes to print an awesome book and yet they do it anyway. Why? Because they have a dream so beautiful permanently fixated in their eyes mind that they can’t help but to go through the struggle in order to reach the grand prize. In other words, they are distracted by the future.

Depression typically has us stuck in the past and dreadful of what may come. This covers us in complete darkness with no hope of escaping. What does having a powerful dream do? It provides a light. It becomes our beacon in the sky, our north star, and our GPS system. When you are fixated on the light ahead, the darkness around you is not so paramount. Doesn’t mean it goes away, it just becomes less of a burden. The ridiculously small goals you set act as a small key chain light. It doesn’t shine very far but it will show you where to place your very next step. But in a room filled with darkness you could end up walking anywhere, this is why having a North Star is powerful. While you’re taking your small steps throughout the dark, trying not to tumble into any  pitfalls, you can look up periodically to see if you’ve traveled any closer to your guiding light. Yes, it will seem far away but imagine taking a hundred steps in the dark, looking up and seeing nothing but black. How depressing is that? You would lose all motivation even if you weren’t depressed. Not having a vision for your life leaves you with no purpose to move forward.

Step one, decide on what you dream is. Step two, write it down. Step three, read it everyday. You must certainly repeat this last part knowing what you and I know. Depression attacks everyday for it doesn’t believe your serious about changing your life. You have to beat it into submission with constant attack. Everyday you look at your dreams is another day you water the rose growing in the dark crevices of the concrete slab suppressing your mind of fulfillment and happiness.

8) Creating Art

The order of importance varies throughout society, but each step laid out is highly important to somebody at some point in our lives. Step 8 and 9 are kind of interchangeable for not all of us are artists needing to expressive ourselves. Of course, even the most talented individuals have room for improvement but not all artist have to actually be “good” in the first place. Art is subjective, not objective. Even the worst musicians can find a small group of people who dig their style. So, get that “am I good enough” idea out of your head and focus on the big picture. Creation.

Creating art is more of a poetic title and is not to be exclusively taken literally. Creating art, in this context, means to express oneself. Whether it be in business, in music, in writing, in sculpting, in the gym, at your job, with your spouse, with your family, etc., I want you to focus and ask yourself, do I feel deprived of expression?

Are you able to share your emotions, are you indulging in hobbies you enjoy, are you spending time with the people you wish too, are you creating the videos you desire, are you researching topics you’re interested in, are you getting the picture? life is art, meaning your life is your canvas and what you do with it is painted onto the blank space. What are you painting? Did you choose those colors? Did you want to put a dog there? Are you holding back to spare somebody else’s feelings? It gets deep.

Most people are holding themselves back from full expression and it make sense to a degree for we have to live with discipline, but we don’t have to live a second class life. When you hear the word depression, you think of something getting smashed down, ultimately pushing out any extra space that may have occupied it. That’s what happens to us when we get stuck in a depressive state. We get the life pushed out of us. We lose the energy to do more than what we have to. We just want to give up, sleep, watch tv, watch videos, surf the web, get high, get drunk, blackout, or worse. But in our hearts we have a burning desire to express. Sometimes we know exactly what that is and sometimes we don’t, but we know it’s there. This is because your fire may have been smothered, but there is a flame still flickering deep within. By now you may have figured out the key to re-inflating your life. You must feed the flame.

How do you feed the small flickering flame within? You might need to journal. Reading the good, the clean and the powerful may add some fuel. You may need to speak with a counselor to get some of those ashes out of your system. Maybe you should go on a vacation with no electronics. Maybe you need to start sharing your ideas with your co-workers or boss. Maybe it’s time for you to take a risk with your business. Maybe you should post up your first YouTube video of yourself singing. This is when you need to be honest with yourself and do what you know you have been avoiding.

9) Skill Acquisition

When you’re confident, you’re good. When you’re good, you become comfortable. When you become comfortable, you open yourself up to more possibilities. If you’re not good, you have a choice on where you will go from here. Either you can get better or live in self-pity.

Since our objective is to obliterate depression, it would definitely be of our best interest to develop the mental capacity to jump through the negative hoops that have occupied our mind. This is another way of saying happiness comes from within, and I believe it does, but in two ways.

  1. Having a positive out look on your life
  2. Having the ability to create positive results

It does us very little good to have a positive mindset if we keep seeing negative results. I understand that our thoughts become things, but those things come from the thoughts that pushed a person to do what was required to create those things. Not only did those thoughts push somebody to create, that person had to have the skill/knowledge to create a thing in the first place and knowing that you have the skill set and know-how to do so creates a certain level of confidence in you and confidence is depressions worse enemy.

Why do I read and write so much when I hate them both? Why did I do so many speaking videos when I knew I sucked? Why did I keep practicing with all of my might even after my college football coach put a guy two years younger in front of me on the depth chart during the last year of my football career? Because when you get better, you do better and that always makes you feel better.

When you are depressed, you feel like you are lacking something or multiple things. You can have money, you can have family, and you can have health but you may be missing expression or significance and those require a different set of skills you currently don’t have. Therefore you must work to acquire them. How to capture such abilities depends on your current level of skill, who you know, and what the challenge is. You may need to get a degree or go to a week-long conference. It varies, but the truth does not. You need more skills to do more good to feel better than you did before.


10) Establishing a Routine

This routine thing is tricky, at least for me. THEY typically say you need to have an organized schedule of things to do everyday at a specific time everyday if you want to be successful. For a lot of people this is true, but when you are depressed this can become more than just tough to accomplish. I do want to say though that having a set of particularly powerful daily practices will help you think daily in a powerful way. Easier said than done of course.

Who are you? Important to know this one. I’m not asking whether you are an organized person or not, but are you the person looking for a set schedule or a set routine executed around a flexible schedule? For instance, I read everyday and have been for almost 4 years yet I don’t read at the same time everyday. My reading schedule is completely random everyday but I always make time to do so. Same goes for my workouts, my bed time, my wake up time, my social media posts, ALL OF IT. There are a lot of activities I execute on a daily basis yet most of them vary in time slots as well, but I always feel accomplished by the end of the day, even though I wish I was more organized with how I do things.

Here’s a little more into my world. When I get stuck in depression, and I mean really dark thoughts and hours long anxiety, I crank up some of my daily routines to another level. I read more, I listen to more positive podcasts, I try to write more blogs, post more motivational messages, do more videos, create more interesting and challenging workouts, I do it all. Whatever it takes to keep me distracted, improve my skills, and progress my life I will do because depression wants to do the exact opposite for you. But if I didn’t have a daily routine to indulge in, organized or not, I wouldn’t know what to constantly do when those seemingly impossible tough times hit. Don’t be alarmed, I don’t expect you to come up with a powerful routine today or even this week. Instead, I look forward to you constructing one over the length of this year.



Don’t feel bad, don’t feel guilty and never feel selfish for being depressed, especially when you are doing all that you can to pretend it doesn’t exist inside of your world. There are a lot of people struggling with it right now and you would never know by looking at them. Doesn’t make them wrong neither, just makes us all human. Even if something you directly did is the origin to your depression, it does not make the feeling nor the depressive thoughts your fault, but merely a side effect of what has transpired. Maybe you have some genetic predisposition to it, that’s ok too. It can be managed and dominated if handled with the proper respect. Some may say you’re a whiner, a cry baby, a complainer or use some other more vulgar terminology and it is possible that there may be some truth to it, but you feel how you feel and that is always the truth. Whether you’re really stuck in a dark mental pit or you’re one of the cows who keep milking it, your mind can be remolded through the consistent practices of these 10 powerful strategies resulting in the extermination of your negative outlook and the explosive resurrection of your positive mind.
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