Now Year’s Resolution

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now year's resolution

Resolutions Are Executed Now

Am I a few days too late to discuss New Year’s dreams, goals and resolutions? What about the people who are looking back right now and can see that they have not made one step closer to achieving any of what they set out to accomplish this year. It would seem that January is the month of fluff and excitement. False convictions of what one will commit action to for the next 365 days. A few of us will honestly try with all of our might, some of us will jump on and off the wagon, and most of us will go hard the first week and let the new habits die out before month’s end. In fact, I bet most of you never started your new habits to begin with. If I asked you what your goals are for this year would you have a concrete answer? If not, how could you establish a concrete plan or get involved with the necessary activities to get you closer to your best year ever?

Though we have a year, or at least 11 months to go, we all know that this account for time does not really exist. It is a measurement of the many NOW’s we will encounter. Meaning, right now is the only day that exists on the calendar. You cannot get on your March GRIND in February. You cannot play your first football game of the season in the spring. You cannot start your first semester of college during spring break. No, every thing has its place on the imaginary timeline called the calendar, but for right NOW you can only do one thing. The question is what will you do now?

Every goal or failure that you receive in the future is predicated not off of what you did today, but what you are doing now. It would so be it that you are reading this article in order to ready your mind for the next task which will also bring you closer to your goals. In this case, we can honestly say that you are making a conscious effort to make this the year of execution for yourself. I don’t even want you to think about what you’re going to do for the next 48 weeks, just focus on this task. The war cannot be won today, nor the battle, but the next swing of your mighty sword can be perfectly thrusted at your target ensuring that this moment most definitely is a promise of your longterm success assuming you treat your next swing with the same respect. Do you see where I am going with this? We plan out our strategy for victory in the beginning only to free our minds of the clutter that overwhelms our thoughts of the imaginary possibilities of the future. It is all a fantasy until the moment becomes now, therefore your New Years Resolutions will forever be far off dreams until you work on them now.

Realistic Goals with Unrealistic Tasks

I recently picked up this concept recently on The Secret To Success podcast with CJ, Eric Thomas, and Karl Phillips. People are not setting unrealistic goals, they’re setting unrealistic tasks. After listening to CJ go on about this idea of setting tasks that people could never do verses goals that are only impossible if you don’t lay down the foundation first, the light switched on in my brain. I now knew why people struggled so hard to make their dreams a reality. It’s because most people are trying to do the impossible right now instead of the necessary. And furthermore, I want you to understand that it is possible for one to set an unrealistic goal, but you will only know if that is true if you attempt to set realistic tasks to get there. It is here where you will discover if it is really possible for you, because if you cannot complete a task at its most minute level, then you most definitely are not meant to do it. Now, moving on.

Let’s say we have three men lined up side by side together and all of them have dreams of playing in the NFL. One is 17 years old, is set to graduate next year, and was the second string running back on his High School football team this past season. The next player graduated from college a year ago, was an all-conference corner his junior but was injured most of his senior year and is now fully recovered. The last dreamer is 35 years old, is about 10lbs heavier than when he played in college, lifts weights regularly but hasn’t done a sprint in years, and has to wear two ankle braces and one knee brace every time he plays pick up basketball. They each have the same dream, but their limitations are different. They will have different goals and ambitions for the year, but will all hold the same fire in their heart. From any perspective this dream of becoming an NFL player seems close to impossible, in turn making whatever this years goal seem unrealistic, but is it?

I think that scenario is too obvious, let’s move on to another real world type of situation. You have three women standing side by side. One is 23, in law school, and works part-time as a waitress to make sure she can pay her rent. Another is 32, a mother of three, just had her last child three months ago, doesn’t work, and has no college background. The last is 55, semi-retired, is obese, has arthritis all over her body, and has had both knees replaced. Each has the same New Years Resolutions, they want to lose 50lbs, they want to go on a 2 week vacation in Hawaii, and each of them wants to write their first mystery novel. Sounds doable right? Maybe not, since most people would fail at trying to make just one of these things happen within a year. Why? Because the necessary daily task itself may be impossible.

Anyone can write a mystery novel if they take the time to do so. Anybody can lose 50lbs with enough discipline. And you know what? We all deserve a vacation in Hawaii, but what would it take to get there? We love to say that nothing is impossible, but sometimes the timeline is. The student in law school could most definitely lose the desired weight due to her youthful body and spirit. All it would require is discipline to eat right everyday, coupled with minimal exercise. Writing her first master piece, that may be a stretch with her busy work, class, and studying schedule. But if she set aside a specific amount of time for herself to right daily, she can physically get it done. What becomes close to impossible is Hawaii. Unless she wins two tickets, she won’t be able to go to school, pay all of her bills, feed herself and go to Hawaii, assuming she lives check to check. The 32-year-old mother could definitely accomplish her weight loss and book writing goals with enough mental fortitude this year, but the Hawaii trip is going most likely fall into her husbands hands. Not just because of money, for if that was the case she would still have a shot of controlling her own destiny by making money online. Instead, she would have to depend on her husband agreeing to go on the trip and hope that his job will allow him the time to do so. The last young lady would seem to most likely have the time to write her story, have the funds or the means to acquire the money to go to Hawaii, but may have some steep trouble when it comes to reaching her desired weight this year. Her movement will be limited and she will have to be careful with how she diets so as to not develop any serious health complications. Could she lose 50lbs this year, maybe, but there’s a chance she might need to do it in two years for her body may give her some difficulties greater than most along the way.

Don’t Forget Your Family

When we think of goals, we typically envision achievements concerning money, business, materials, grades, rewards, sports, fitness,  health, weight loss, and maybe even a vacation, but we rarely mention goals regarding our family. At least we don’t put it on our New Years Resolution list. Don’t ask me why, I’m just stating the facts and the not so-obvious enough information. We don’t list how good a Father we’re going to be this year. You don’t list how patient and supportive of a wife you’re committed to be. We don’t brainstorm on how we are going to be an impact in our parents lives this go around. I never heard a person say they plan on making this year the most enjoyable year for their family they’ve ever experienced. Once again, don’t ask me why, just absorb the truth. You are not bad for letting your family slip from your memory, you are just a victim of traditional thinking. But no more. You have now been endowed with the seed and I now give you the full responsibility of whether a tree grows from it or not. How about you make helping and aiding your spouse achieve their goals this year a top priority. In fact, how about you start working on it right now.

Look for Completion

Of course, we want to complete our list of dreams and goals by the end of the year, but more than likely we can not get there today. Yet, we can complete our goals for today. More importantly, you should have a task that you want to complete within the next hour or so, that is how you win. You chop it up into small segments that way you don’t become overwhelmed with ideas and much-needed efforts that can not possibly all be done today. Our education system is a perfect example of doing just that. It doesn’t even matter what level, it could be grade school, university, community college, trade school, online certification, it does not matter one bit. There is a pre-requisite to attaining that final piece of paper at the end that says you are now qualified to move on and those pre-requisites cannot be achieved instantly. For the most part, we all have to follow the same timeline in order to reach a point of competence so that we may be recognized and fully educated at any particular level or in any specific field. So, when you think about any form of education, you have to go step by step in order to reach your ultimate goal at the end. You have to complete your finals first. Before that, you have to complete your midterms. Before that, you have to complete your tests. Before that, you have to complete your quizzes. Before that, you have to complete your homework. Before that, you have to complete the next class. Before that, you have to take notes on the next lesson. In essence, your concern for graduating is very minute for the only thing you can control is what you do in today’s class. When it comes to losing weight, reaching your goal size should be of little concern because the only thing you can physically complete is todays workout. The only meal you can consume is the next one. The only stretch you can perform is this next body part, but you must be sure that you complete it all the way through. If you rack up a bunch of half completed days do you think your start-up will survive the treacherous world of capitalism? Do you really believe a relationship can survive off of a 50/50 effort or would you rather believe that it take 100% from both parties? What does 100% even mean? It means complete. It means you do the homework tonight, you take out the trash today, you wash the dishes, you record the song, you paint the picture, you write that chapter, you do your workout and you call your parents when you said you would. COMPLETION. And if you stack up enough completed hours and enough executed tasks, then by the end of the year you will have more than likely completed your Resolution.

Hit the Refresh Button

Why am I so big on self-help, self-development, self-improvement, and self-mastery? Because everyone needs a coach and a cheerleader. In a perfect world, we would hope the people closest to you would provide that necessary jump-start to keep us going strong, but we know better. People have their own problems and agendas. Even our own kin have it in their heads that they have more important things to do than to get you refocused on a consistent basis. It’s not so much that they don’t want to be there for us, they just don’t have the time, or the energy, or the incentive to do it. Don’t you want to get paid for your time? Don’t you want to spend your energy on things that benefit you? Don’t you want to spend your time wisely? That’s how everybody else in the world feels, so it makes sense when people say we live in a cold world. PEOPLE HAVE THERE OWN LIVES TO LIVE.

So, why do so many people speak on self-help as a victims tool? Only because society has labeled it as some-what taboo. They call it fluff or hype and a lot of it is, but that’s the point. Of course we need more than a quick pep talk to win a championship, but strategy alone isn’t enough to get the job done either. We all need a refresher and that is how I utilize my self-mastery time. I watch videos that motivate me to revitalize my energy. I read books that enlighten me to strengthen my conviction. I listen to podcasts that stimulate and spark new ideas. It’s a refresh button on my mind giving me new strategies, new techniques or just a new perspective. It’s the newness of life that pushes one to execute the necessary steps and give the needed effort in order to win the day. If you lose too many days, you can kiss your goals this year goodbye. To reach expert-level of goal achievement this year, you must refresh your daily resolve and become a Now Years Resolutioner.

Short-Term Memory is Key

There is a self-perpetuating and self-compounding effect failure can have on a person. When we fail at sticking to our new-daily habits, we tend to use that as an excuse as to why we will fail to do them again tomorrow. It’s like if we break the momentum then there’s no point in doing it at all. We get discouraged by our own imperfection. We feel like hypocrites and try to shuffle away from ever feeling like that again. Most people rather continue to follow in their old habits than to successfully complete their new ones. They basically say to themselves, “I’m going to end up messing up any way, so why even try.” Obviously this is the wrong mentality, so what’s new? Just this phrase concept, A Cornerback Mentality.

I can still remember my High school coach telling me this phrase of having a cornerback mentality in order to be great. What does it mean? It means you must have a short-term memory if you want to succeed, and NFL cornerbacks have some of the best short-term memory in the world.

How many touchdowns has Cam Newton thrown? How about Tom Brady? Aaron Rodgers? The number itself doesn’t matter, we just know it’s a lot. How do you think it feels to be the wide receiver on those teams? Pretty good right, but what about the defenders who are sworn to protect the end zone from any intruders with the ball in their hands? How do you think they feel after being beat on a 60 yard pass down the field? Probably not like a million bucks, and yet they line up the next play as if it never happened. Why? Because it’s not happening now. Sometimes your going to blow an assignment, or get burnt on a route, or even trip, it happens, but if you spend too much time focused on the last play you got embarrassed on you will end up seeing a repeat very soon and have something more embarrassing happen to your starting spot.

The beginning of the year is pre-season and our end of the year goals are the championship trophy. There will be plenty of days that you trip up, but that doesn’t have to be your whole season. You can comeback bolder the next play. Forget about the last play and focus on completing this next task.

My Humanity is Showing

I originally stared writing this article on January 30th. It was supposed to come out on the 1st of February. I failed. Big deal, it’s my blog and my content. I got over it and finished about a week late. In the end, I reached the end. I finished this task. I can move on to my next mission. I remembered what my goals are and I came back to it with a vengeance. I never expect a perfect outcome even from myself, and at the same time I never expect to quit. Effort is all I ask from myself and from you. Can you maximize your efforts? Can you let go of yesterdays failures and focus on todays duties? Can you keep your family in mind and still keep your own personal goals in focus? I think it can be done, and with a little help from the many sources of inspiring and thought-provoking information I know you will have a successful 2017.




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