2018 Goals for Society

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2018 goals

2018 Goals for Society 

I’ve come to find that not only do we as individuals need to have new goals to smash for the year, but we also need to as a society. Now, obviously not everybody is going to have the same exact set of goals but as a whole we share many of the same desires and expectations. Therefore, it would be best if we started to work together as a society and get on the same page. This is how you grow as a community, a city, a state, a country and as a people. By solidifying what our biggest problems are and tackling them as a collective. True, some people may already be engaging successfully in the very goals I’ve set forth for us, but most of us are not. All this means is that we have plenty of examples showing that it can be done and there are real live examples of people exercising how they do it straight in front of us. The successful should then take it upon themselves to teach, uplift, and guide those trying to do the same.

So, for the year 2018  these are the goals we need to focus on capturing in order to better our society as a whole.

Read a Book

Fun fact of the day. The average US American reads less than one book a day. Basically, people don’t read. It makes sense when   the Institute of Education Sciences collects data showing that almost 50% of the population is either at the basic level or below the basic level of reading proficiency. Here’s another fun fact, opting out of reading anything isn’t going to help us.

Just read one book this year. A whole book too, and not just a couple of pages or chapters. Be sure that it’s lengthy and I would advise you to choose a book that will ultimately improve your intelligence. Whether it be a self-help book, a book on science, or maybe dealing with historical data and accounts, just read something that can be of use to your life directly or even indirectly.

You don’t have time to read, I get it. No one has time to do the things they don’t want to do. But you do want to end the year off with more applicable knowledge than you had last year right? You do want to be more in control of your future right? You do want to bring in more success right? Then in reality you do want to read. In fact, you want to read tons of books, you just forgot that you did. Don’t worry, I’m happy to remind you. And if you really don’t have any extra time to play around with these silly pages of life propelling code, just promise me and yourself that you’ll at least read one page a day. By the end of the year, you’ll have read an entire 300+ page book and all it will take you is 30 seconds a day.

Exercise Daily

Simple to do and yet just as simple not to do. Workout, move, exercise, lift, push, jump, run, walk, play, DO SOMETHING! Why? Because:

  • We are the most obese OCED country in the world
  • We are the sickest super power in the world
  • Our cancer and disease rates keep rising
  • Life expectancy is dropping each generation
  • Exercise increases blood flow
  • Exercise improves brain function
  • Exercise raises fertility
  • Exercise dissipates stress
  • Exercise lowers the crime rate

So, why do we need to exercise again? Because it literally will make you a better person. The more people we have participating in some form of daily movement, the more efficient and cohesive of a society we will live in naturally.

Cut down on Meat

This is the one that is going to ruffle some feathers. “What about protein?” Neither cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys or fish need to eat flesh to get their protein so lets cut that nonsense out right now. Instead let us focus on WHY we need to cut down on our meat consumption. The over production and consumption of animal flesh & products is:

  • Overloading our body with carcinogens
  • Creating an abundance of ozone depleting methane gas
  • Over stressing and chemicalizing the animals
  • Worsening animal living conditions
  • Causing irreversible brain damage
  • Weakening our immune system
  • Exaughsting and poisoning our clean water ways

I’m not telling you to totally cut out animal products or even animal meat from your life, though I do encourage it, but what I am saying is that we need to look at the facts and take responsibility for what we are doing to the planet, to the animals, and to ourselves as a people. So just eat one less pork-chop next time will ya?

 Start a Business

This is where things get scary. The funny thing is that there is no reason to be scared. You don’t have to quit your job to have a business and you don’t have even make money. Just get a business license or join a network marketing company and in a few short minutes you’re a business owner. But your question is why? Why start a business when I’m making plenty of money right now? Why start a business when I have no money to finance it? Why start a business when I have no desire to have one? Why start a business when I know nothing about business? My answer, because you can get your taxes BACK. Need I say more.

There are other powerful reasons why we need to boost up the amount of entrepreneurs in our society. For one, we need more jobs and the best organization to rely on is not the government, but the people. And two, we need to spread the wealth. When I say wealth, I really mean the business wealth. Putting the bulk of our faith into a few “too big to fail” companies is dangerous not only to us individually, but also to our economy. Having a greater number of competitors in every industry keeps the companies more honest and help protects the economy from falling into detrimental recessions/depressions.

Most of us need to start a business just for the taxes alone, but there is also a good number of us who just need to take that leap and build the company they envisioned.

Give to the Community

The most common phrase is give back to the community, but I’m not sure if everybody got much from their community to begin with. So instead, we will just take the initiative and give all that we can to the community because if you give enough eventually the community will give back to you. And that reciprocation can show up in many ways. Through money, through favors, through resources and opportunities. Sometimes the community will give you back security for you and your loved ones if you play it right. That’s the point of giving our time, money and energy to your community. So that the community can give YOU something back. If your community isn’t giving you anything then it requires that you give more into it. That’s the type of incentive that will fix our broken communities internally versus waiting for the government to save us.

Practice Unconditional Love

As a disclaimer, this is not about loving thy neighbor and turning the other cheek on your enemies. This is strictly about relationships with your significant other. It’s time to love a little deeper and purposefully. I think the Disney movies that we grew up watching as children has warped our brains when it comes to how we think a successful relationship is supposed to operate. We’re caught up in the magic. The accidental magic. The type of magic that makes everything feel like it’s just falling into place on its own with no effort coming from either party. It’s just easy. And just as easily as those magical relationships fall into place, they topple over and shatter into a million pieces after the first gust of wind. This is because magical love that happens on accident has no foundation to keep it steady when things get rocky because neither of you know how you got to this point in the first place. But those who make a decision to love their partner unconditionally, as if they were part of your very blood, make a commitment to create that magic voluntarily for the lover so that there is never a question on how to get things back to the way they were.

The more marriages and unions that we have practicing this concept of unconditional love, the less divorces, the fewer domestic violence cases, and the more complete family households will be reported in our society.

Stand on Your Square

Stand up for what you believe. Stand your ground. Stand for what’s right. Stand tall in the face of adversity. Stand on your square. That’s the type of mentality we are going to need in order to successfully execute these goals for 2018. Why? Because we’re going to deal with haters, nay sayers, temptations, contradictory information, unforeseen obstacles, pain, and plenty of self-doubt. This is why it is imperative that you stand firmly on  your goals and fulfill this promise to yourself, to your family, and to your community. You will accomplish every goal you originally set out to do and you won’t let anything or anybody get in the way of you and your future success.

May the square be with you.



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