Mel Jones

Author, Powerful Thinking Coach, Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker, and Fitness Professional. Mel Jones, the Motivational Philosopher, is founder and owner of Grip Work Gear LLC, a company predicated to being all that you can be and he has only scratched the surface on what he can do. With an Economics Degree from the College of Williams & Mary, Jones has applied the knowledge acquired over the years as a student, parent, partner, award-winning personal trainer and an intercollegiate athlete, to pinpoint what the demand for the market is. After 3 years of studying, speaking, training, coaching, and researching, Mel Jones successfully gathered an understanding of how to supply the market with the necessary information and products to help people equip themselves with the most effectively, while giving individuals a direction to apply it all, and demonstrating what it means to live the life you deserve.
Mel Jones the motivational philosopher


My WHY for coaching

“I speak and coach to flip the switch in the average person’s mind to give them the edge that they need to win. Why? Because I am not satisfied with the world I live in. I don’t like living in a world where people are unhealthy because of their own ignorance, families are too immature to grow together, poverty is a recurring theme for generations, systematic racism goes uncorrected, physical and mental abuse is passed on from parent to child, drug abuse still plagues communities, the average person is ignorant on the subject of finances, war is still acceptable, gang violence takes innocent lives, divorce is considered normal, universities are setting people up for mediocrity, society ignores human nature and people only want to be honest with subjects they are comfortable with that don’t make them look bad. So I have 2 choices. Either I accept things the way that they are or a I be the change I want to see.”

 –Mel Jones