Creative & Critical Thinking

Creative & Critical Thinking

This is the epitome of what I call a Powerful Thinker. Someone who thinks creatively and critically, demonstrating the best of what a human being has to offer as far as intelligence goes. I believe society has been confused on the concept of intelligence, as being most commonly known as the amount of data one has collected and can successfully recall. Though this ability to access large amounts of information at will is indeed a form of intelligence, it is not the most practical nor effective when it comes to living a powerful life. What is the point of being the valedictorian when you don’t have the people skills to get the job which matches your so-called “intellectual abilities?” Is it not just as important in the corporate world to know how to communicate with people as it is to know how to create a balanced spreadsheet describing expenditures, sales, revenue, maintenance, taxes, etc.? In fact, the only way companies succeed is by being the most creative, innovative, and adaptable to the market. The “intelligence” part comes second. Meaning, a company must sprout the idea before it can begin to come up with the facts and figures necessary to execute the project. In other words, someone has to imagine the project first.

Imagination is just as much a form of intelligence as the critical analysis of data is, but we aren’t taught that in school. At the same time, critical thinking is a form of creativity. On a grand scale imagination is phased out of people’s thinking process and critical thinking becomes limited to only the data presented. At the end of schooling, we get a final product of individuals who are trained to search for instructors who will have them execute mundane tasks that require very little imagination and the use of critical analysis within the confines of predetermined and established rules, based on what the overseeing company has conceived. There is nothing wrong with this model, per se, for many businesses have succeeded from it, but it becomes a problem when unforeseen issues occur within the economy putting millions of individuals out of work with no clear options set forth to get them back on their feet. On top of that, this model does a very poor job of translating over to the rest of our lives for there is no “boss” around to tell us how to live successfully.

Connecting the dots

The idea is to utilize both sides of the brain. Technically, we are always using both sides, but this doesn’t mean that we are using all of our mental capacity. The average person has a certain way of thinking that has been adopted over time. It might be more on the creative/artistic side or it could be concentrated on the critical/logical side. This is well-known and accepted, what is ignored is the fact that most people keep both avenues of thought as under utilized as possible. Why? So they don’t stand out.

I don’t want to get to deep into this because I know you are not one of those people. At least not anymore. You are very much using your mind to manifest a life that seems impossible to the majority of the population. You are looking to think your dreams into reality. You can only do that by making the connections. The first connection is to realize that no conventional institution will instruct you there, for the system is built to train people to operate within a finite realm of potential scenarios. Therefore, you must take it upon yourself to learn from as many other sources the potential of the other existing realities in which we all operate in. Just to name a few:

  • Relationships
  • Business
  • Sales
  • Courting
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Parenting
  • Nutrition
  • Healing
  • Fitness
  • Non-generic history
  • Branding
  • Love
  • Investing
  • Retirement
  • Success
  • Legacy

How does one connect the realities of life to the teachings of History, Science, Math, and English class? How does one learn how to run the entire Google company with an Economics degree? How does one guarantee their marriage will stand the test of time? You need the right mental equipment from the beginning.

Creative vs. Critical

Creative thinking is an unstructured form of thought. The boundaries have been dissolved and the ability to find answers outside of the immediate realm, in any particular situation, is taken advantage of with the risk of straying too far from the original set reality. Critical thinking, as you have guessed, is the structured form of thought. It is constricted to the confines of pre-set rules, laws, and jurisdiction, keeping order and solidifying an approach that will create a stay-on-task type of environment. In this manner, the risk for making any obscene mistakes is very low. On the other hand, so is the innovation potential.

The funny thing is that no matter how creative one person may be, that creativity is bound by some level of critical thought for our minds still understand and adhere to the laws of physics. If you look at the most critical and logically minded individuals, their thoughts still require an ability to creatively analyze multiple sectors of data in order to successfully establish an effective understanding of the information. So you see, no one is completely thinking on either side of the brain and this is what gives us hope. We know that most of us are right-handed, but we still use are left hand for many daily tasks, all we have to do is make the conscious effort to Master our second strongest hand.

I wish I could tell you the three easy steps that will turn you into a certified Powerful Thinking Expert in 90 days but that is unfortunately not going to happen. But I can give you three easy daily tasks that will effectively help you improve your Powerful Thinking abilities for the rest of your life.

  1. Read everyday
  2. Listen to speakers everyday
  3. Implement what you have learned everyday

Looks simple right? But it’s not easy. Not that it’s hard to do, it’s just so easy not to do and there lies the challenge. Not only are these tasks easy not to do, they are also easy to dismiss for a few basic reasons. A) Not enough time B) Not enough attention span and C) Not sure if it will work. My best rebuttal is unless you have a viable alternative, I don’t see any reason to accept the excuses for anything more than just that. EXCUSES.

I’m sure your next question is “how will following these three steps help me maximize my creative and critical thinking skills?” The answer is because they will do 2 things for you. They will teach you practical skills and inspire you to reach for the stars. In other words, you will learn what to do as well as gain insight on the big picture of how all of life’s realities fit together.

Where to start

If you’ve made it with me this far then your next question is where do I start? Well, congratulations! You’ve already started. I’m sure your mind has been swarming with all kinds of creative ideas on where you could go from here. Not only that, but I have provided you with some very practical and simple steps that you could easily take action on immediately just by engaging in another one of my intro courses. But if you’re completely new to this, or not quite sure how to go about it, I would advise you to start here:

Read Take The Stairs by Rory Vaden

take the stairs

Listen to the Elevating Beyond podcast hosted by Mark Minard

elevating beyond podcast

Remember, this is where you start, not where you gain all enlightenment and self-mastery. From here you will be directed to more pathways, which will take you down more pathways, and it continues on. It sounds like an endless rabbit hole and in some sense it is. The way that you save yourself from becoming lost and entangled hopelessly inside of the self-development portal is by implementing the strategies advised within the content given. Overtime you will gain an acute awareness for what works for you and what is not quite your style. You will catch a rhythm that will travel you through the pain of transformation and drop you on the doorsteps of success. If you are willing to endure, I promise you five years from now you’ll be thankful that you never gave up.




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