Goal Setting 101

Goal Setting 101

There is not one successful company, and I mean any company that has made a profit and survived for more than 5 years, that does not have a list of goals on their agenda. Success in any industry can’t be done without goal setting under any circumstances. There is not one sports team or athlete that has ever been successful in their season or career who has not set goals for themselves. It just can’t be done. No one in the history of the planet has ever become a 5% income earner without setting goals to achieve such a level, excluding lottery winners or people whose parents made it happen because it was their personal goal to make their kids 5% income earners. Either way, there is a goal involved. No human being has ever gone from over weight to having a beach body without setting goals for themselves. It doesn’t happen because it just can’t be done. 


You can’t run a country, you can’t run a business, you can’t even run a successful family without setting goals. You know the phrase “without a vision the people will perish.” A vision is another word for goal. Without goals the people will quit, stop, unravel, and move on. 

If we know for a fact that nothing great or even good can be built and sustained without any worth while and clear-cut goals, then why does the average person live their life, especially as adults, goalless and aimless? It is because society has been conditioned to reach a level of computability as an adult and do their best to not shake things up too much, as to not create a possible negative reaction that may result in the losing of their comfortable living situation. This is why people despise the raising of taxes, it alters their current living status.

It’s established that we as human beings do not like change and have been conditioned to accept what is ever considered the norm. The funny thing is that though we may try to live our lives with less than outlandish goals, we always end up working for companies that typically intend on reaching bigger and bigger goals. One reason is because of inflation and the other is because if you’re not growing then you are most likely dying or setting yourself up to be dominated by another company.

Goal setting is crucial for the mere fact that growth is only achieved through goal acquisition. Unfortunately, human beings are the opposite of trees. Trees do not need inspiration to grow, all they need is the right set of conditions and they will attempt to grow as big and as wide as possible until they die. The average human only wants to grow as far as they can see themselves “realistically” growing. This is the true downfall of man.

So, what kind of goal setting am I talking about? You know. The typical, everyday top 10 list of goals that we all learn in grade school:

  1. Your biggest dream(s)
  2. What you want to achieve on your way to your dream(s)
  3. The platforms you intend to dominate
  4. Annual goals
  5. Semi-annual goals
  6. Quarterly goals
  7. Monthly goals
  8. Weekly goals
  9. Daily goals
  10. Current mission

I told you. Identical to the one you were taught in High School right? If only this were true, I’m sure we would be a much more productive society. 

If you read anything on leadership or managing people, one of the things you will find in the effective mobilization of people is that you must clearly explain the goals for the company, for the team, and how each person fits into the formula for achieving such a goals. Without this direction, people become lost and unmotivated for they see no immediate reason for themselves to put any meaningful effort towards their work. Money is not a powerful enough incentive for the average person to get the best work out of them. People need to feel like what they are doing is contributing to something bigger. They need to feel like they are part of a team that is trying to win the championship. People want to win and in order for you to create the life you desire you need to create an ideology of reaching milestones.

Now, the top 10 goal setting list I wrote above does not have to be completely filled out. They are more like the top 10 perspectives to think about when setting your goals for a more successful and fulfilling life. You can start with one and gradually work your way through the rest as time goes on. You can start with identifying your current mission or you could start with revealing your biggest and brightest dreams. You can start your goal planning anywhere, the point is that you begin to plan now.

You can create fitness goals, career goals, sales goals, family goals, relationship goals, savings goals, vacation goals, squad goals, impact goals, whatever you can think of or is important to you. Just be sure it is of importance to you, not to other people. This is your life, and you can’t live other people’s lives for them. I know you want to please others, you want to make them proud, and you want to just fit in. You can do that but ultimately you won’t please everybody, some of those people you think will be proud will secretly be jealous, and fitting-in has never made a company, let alone any person great.

You don’t have to be weird, but you should be direct in you mission. Goal setting gives people direction and motivation. It acts as fuel to become better than which you were yesterday. It establishes a culture of progression and acts as a catalyst for growth. We may not always reach our goals, but even if we fall just shy of them, that’s better than not ever trying in the first place. It’s like my secret mentor Les Brown always says,

Shoot for the moon, because even if you miss you’ll land amongst the stars



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