Investing and Spending

Investing and Spending

Going through every single intro course with the sole intent to improving your life is an investment of you time, money and energy. I include money because you could have spent that time making money, but I am humbled that you have chosen to spend that time with me instead. The funny thing is there is a chapter in my book called T.M.E., because we are always expending our time, money and energy in some form or fashion. The question is whether you’re making an investment or are you just spending away?


Only in this particular course are we going to broaden the definition of what we call investments. In this instance, when asked if you are investing your T.M.E., what I’m really saying is are you utilizing it in a meaningful way? In other words, are you being strategic or living on accident? When you buy candy everyday because you just like the taste of candy, we know you are merely spending or wasting money because the candy is not a reward nor is it good for you nutritionally. You may enjoy it, but the feeling is short-lived and is constantly lowering your quality of life on the health side. But, if you limit your candy consumption to one day a week to reward yourself for eating clean the other six days, then you are making an investment in your overall health. Do you see how this works? We are using your money in a strategic way to better your health and improve your quality of life.

Another example, if you and your buddies go to the park everyday to hang out because there is nothing to do at home then you are just wasting your time. But if you go to the park everyday practicing your skateboarding skills because you want to become pro-skaters one day then you are investing your time and energy to achieve something greater down the line. You can change how you use your T.M.E. with small alterations that make a big impact on your life. 

There is no special formula here. There is no magical book or special guru for me to point you to. This is completely up to you. You can’t always rely on the knowledge of others to tell you what to do, where to go, and how to do it. Sometimes you have to take what you know and make something of your own, choose your own path, and make an educated decision. You know when you’re wasting time and when you’re taking advantage of it. You know when you’re wasting money and when you’re investing it. You know when you’re wasting energy and when you are tapping into the strongest version of yourself. You know these things, so do not fall into the trap of doing what most do and that’s try to think as little as possible. Use your mind, follow your dreams and I will see you on the other side of greatness.




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