Keeping A Healthy Body

Keeping A Healthy Body

The healthiest moment in our lives is when we are in the womb. Our mother’s body provides us with nutrients and minerals that will best assist in our growth. Our cells are new and compared to the rest of human civilization, the baby is the purest form of human life. Even though we cannot stay babies forever does not mean that we cannot maintain that same bill of health and keep a healthy body for an extended period of time. In fact, we can improve upon it.


Your exposure to the world allows for the stimulation of your immune system. The milk we receive from our mothers breast nourishes the body, encouraging growth in bones, tissues, and the nervous system. As we begin movement and practice utilizing our limbs, lungs and eyes, we enhance our motor skills and gain strength and control of our muscle function. This is proof that we are meant to improve and build as living organisms, but do not mistake growing in size as an indicator of growing in health.

It is typically from birth where our bodies purity begins to make its slow decent towards malfunction and deterioration. In fact, it is becoming more common for not only the elderly to have health issues, but for the young adults and children as well. From arthritis to cancer, from joint pain to bone deterioration, from obesity to muscle loss and even loss in body functionality. As a society we are technically living longer and yet we are aging faster at the same time.

What is happening? Many like to blame it on hereditary sources or genetics. I got it from my mom or dad. My Uncles all have it. Me and my sister have shown early signs since we were kids. You know the deal, the same story from a different host. You may even be one of those victims I’m talking about. It would be easy to just accept chance as the reason for our unhealthy misfortune, but science and common sense has proven this to be other wise. It all started when we were babies.

As a culture, we have adopted bad habits which have negatively effected us on a significant level. We eat bad, exercise poorly, stretch rarely, relax never, expose ourselves to thousands of chemicals, and are always on the go. Too busy to take care of our own meat suits, the very thing we need in order to experience life and the only avenue in which we can experience our best life. Luckily for you and I, this is not a lecture on how bad we are doing as a whole, but instead a guide to how we can do better.

It’s very simple, though it may not be easy and possibly could get in our way of everyday routine living which doesn’t typically involve deviation from what we deem as comfortable. But once again, to keep it on it’s most simply effective level we simply need to lower our carb intake to at least 150 grams per day, decrease our sugar source to only fruits, make protein and Omega-3 fats our main goal for nutritional absorption, eliminate fast food and processed snacks, exercise regularly, concentrate on functional movement, stretch occasionally, sleep 7-9 hours between 8pm and 8am, absorb more sunlight, meditate/reflect, and talk to somebody about our thoughts and how we feel.

All of the aspects that were listed are equal in their importance,  but if I had to choose the top priority for you to focus on immediately it would be your diet. Though each area affects the other areas of our life, our food plays the biggest part for whatever we eat we shall become, literally, and I would hate to end up becoming something artificial. The knock-off just doesn’t quite work as well as the real thing.

I’m hoping that you understand that what I have given you is just a tip of the iceberg. It is a baseline for creating a decently healthy life for anyone that follows my advice even half way. But our health goes a lot deeper than this and our ascension/healing requires stricter guidelines and more intense practices. Not everybody has the time or is willing to take the time to Master them all, but having a partial routine for self-improvement is better than having none at all. You start here and as your hunger grows for more knowledge or your need for more potent healing elevates, you can dig further into the resources I have provided inside and outside of my scope. Here is a list of more resources you can research to increase your horizon on keeping a healthy body.


  1. Dr. Sebi
  2. Drew Canole
  3. Onnit
  4. Charlotte Gerson
  5. Mark Sisson
  6. Andreas Moritz
  8. Gut by Giulia Enders
  9. Dr. Axe
  10. Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff by Richard Carlson




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