Massive Success

Massive Success

Greatness is a lot of small things done well

Ray Lewis


When I say Massive Success, many will associate this phrase with making a bunch of money, or receiving an abundance of recognition, or being unbelievably famous, and yes those all can be perfect examples of Massive Success. But what you should really know, if you already don’t, is that success comes in all different shapes, sizes and levels based on where you are at in your life. Understand that success only means success if you feel successful. If waking up before the sun rises feels like a win to you then chalk it up on the board. If making $1 million in revenue will satisfy your hunger then go for it. Who’s to say what constitutes as success for you, no one. Are real concern should not be whether or not you have achieved success, instead our focus should be on are you moving towards Massive Success.

Massive Success is the accumulation and final result smaller success you have experienced that have compounded overtime. These results usually don’t only make you feel awesome, they satisfy you. Making you feel as though all the struggle was worth it and you are in a place of wisdom, power, and influence. Massive Success is where the Master sits, because going any higher would be showing off. Having 10 phenomenal season and being abducted into the Hall of Fame, that’s Massive Success. Building the most successful discount store in the world, that’s Massive Success. Being the leading innovator in personal computers, that’s massive success. To get to any of these terrific level, millions of steps had to be taken and executed before anyone could ever dream of reaching the Elite level. Michael Phelps had to learn how to swim first before he became the most decorated olympian of all-time.

So, if success is subjective, than so too must Massive Success be? Yes, I agree, but I want you to think about something. When you become the best at something, you are not only remembered, you are sought after. Michael Jordan’s career didn’t end after basketball. Steve Jobs legacy didn’t seize after his passing. The government doesn’t leave you to fend for yourself after you have served as the Commander-in-Chief, you are paid for a lifetime.DO you see what I’m saying?

Real success, Massive Success, will pay you long after you have finished with your accomplishments. Why? Because you have proven your worth. Your wife will treat you like a King 5 years in the marriage, 10 years into the marriage, even 20 years into marriage if you put in the effort to be the best husband in the world day after day until it has been burned into her subconscious. There comes a certain point for anyone who has ever achieved massive success in any field that their legacy starts to speak for itself. They have nothing left to prove, it’s the rest of us that need to prove to them.

I’m not trying to convince you to worship those who have attained high levels of success, I am merely pointing out the benefits and necessity of it if you wish to live a fulfilled life. You will be forced to watch for the details and take advantage of the little moments and it will become tedious, but one day it will be so worth it.

Before I go, I want to press upon you that Massive Success does not stop in one field or area in your life. I say this because excelling in one are can be quickly overshadowed by your lack and neglect in another area. Achieve small success in everything you do throughout your days and one day you will know what it feels like to step into your greatness.




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