Mindset Training

Mindset Training

Mindset training is just a fancy and more positively perceived term for brainwashing. Brainwashing, in this sense, refers to the systematic conditioning of your own thoughts and/or beliefs. When someone else is doing it to you it tends to be a bad thing, but when you choose to do it to yourself it can create an incredible transformation within yourself which will manifest beautiful results into your life.

From the very beginning your mind has been undergoing a conditioning process, whether for your benefit or for another’s, this process has been going on. Your parents condition you to behave a certain way, your teachers condition you to think a certain way, your friends condition you to act a certain way, and as products of our environment it only makes sense that our personality will ultimately fall in alignment with these outside forces that we are exposed to daily. The most powerful of all mental conditioning, or brainwashing, is the spoken and written word. No matter the language, words have affected us since the beginning of language itself. What we hear and what we read becomes our reality. Of course, images also play a big factor in how we operate and think, but words have the power to override such visual messages. The only problem is that our words tend to follow the pattern of the visual messages that are predominantly displayed on our televisions and computers.

They say you should monitor what you children watch online or on the TV and I agree with THEY. But THEY are only telling you half the story. They say not to hang around the wrong crowd and still I agree with THEY. But THEY are not telling you who you should hang around and for what specific reason. They say you can be anything you want to be if you just put your mind to it and of course I most earnestly agree with THEY. But THEY don’t explain how to put your mind to that in which you wish to accomplish. Neverminding who THEY is, what is this missing part of the algorithm that will save us from bad visual messages, bad people, and failing to achieve our dreams? The good, the clean and the powerful words.

Read, Write, Listen, Repeat

This has been the cornerstone of my own self-development since I first began in July of 2013. After joining the affiliation program of an internet marketing company, the very first thing that was instilled in me was that if I wanted to be successful in business, especially via internet, that I needed to read everyday, write everyday, and listen to powerful or constructive audio recordings everyday. It was ironic for me because I studied Economics in College so that I could AVOID reading, writing, and listening to boring lectures as much as possible. But that was when I didn’t see the value in doing so. In that environment, I knew there was no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Therefore, I considered College a waste of time for me, except for the fact that I was playing on the football team.

To bring it back to the reason why my old habits died, I was convinced immediately and wholeheartedly that if I followed this company’s instructions that I would eventually at some point become successful in my journey. I figured, well, if it took me 5 years to get a degree and I didn’t earn the starting position as the running back for the Tribe until my very last game of my career, then what’s putting in another 5 years to build a successful online venture? That is literally how I rationalized it then and that is exactly how I see it now. And what has following these three simple steps for over 1,000 consecutive days done for me? Well, I became a motivational speaker, an avid reader, and published my own 300 page book. Ironic, like I said.

How does reading, writing, and listening to people talk everyday change your mindset? Because, what you are exposed to, you become accustomed to. What you become accustomed to, you begin to think in such a manner that correlates with it. However you are thinking will show up in your everyday actions and decision-making. This of course will determine what happens to you for the rest of your life. This is why it is important that you choose your friends wisely, because what they say to you or around you will undoubtedly influence you over time. So, if they keep talking about robbing people and getting into violent altercations, even if you are not interested in participating in that type of behavior, you may be coerced into committing acts that coincide or possibly attribute to these acts of criminal behavior.

On a less extreme and noticeably consequential level, if your five closest friends constantly speak about how hard times are, how unfair life is, and how impossible it is to ever get ahead financially, then you will most likely pick up on those thinking habits and begin to not only repeat, but also believe what it is they are saying. That is the power of words.

So then, maybe you’re saying to yourself “well all I have to do is get new friends.” That would be smart, but how easily can you break away from your friendships? Who would become your new friends? What would you substitute that time you used to spend with your friends with? Would your new friends be similar to your old friends? These are important questions because nine times out of ten your plan will fail without the proper reinforcement.

I could easily write a 100 word blog post to explain the steps to creating a powerful mindset, but then it wouldn’t be reinforced. You would think I’m just regurgitating the popular cliché’ sayings that have been circulating around the self-development world for decades. But when you can go deep into it and  instill certain ideas inside of the psyche to the point that these conceptions become apart of your belief system, only then will you successfully stay committed to those ideas. And this is why we come back to the practice of daily reading, writing, and audio listening, because most people can not change their belief system and thinking habits in one day. It will typically take months, or even years, of positive and powerful brainwashing to get your mindset permanently functioning in a constant state of progressive thinking.

If you flipped through some of my other courses, you will know what to read and who to listen to. The good, the clean and the powerful. From books written by Steve Harvey and Oprah, to motivational videos done by  Mateusz M and TJOP. What I haven’t tapped into as much is the power of daily writing.

When we think of the power of writing and self-development, we typically are talking about journaling. It is common for gurus and success teachers to speak on the power of daily journaling. Not only that, but the power of daily goal writing. And I 100% agree with both of those methods, but I also know that it doesn’t have to stop there and it doesn’t necessarily have to go there.

I write every day, but I don’t journal. I have my goals written, but I don’t rewrite them. I think you should do both if you don’t plan on writing anything else, but as an alternative you can use some or even all of that word energy to write daily blogs, articles, or creative messages on social media. It doesn’t have to be long. You could write one positive sentence a day and that would be powerful on its own. Maybe even more powerful than journaling, for your mind would be focused on a simple, positive idea that would stick with you throughout the day. You don’t have to do things this way, but it could be effective for you especially if you don’t like to write like myself.

What should I write about if I want to start a blog? Simple. Whatever interests you and is constructive either for you or other people. If you want to express your deepest feelings that would be constructive. If you want to write about your interests in Star Trek or Star Wars that would be creatively positive. If you want to add your positive ideas and comments to somebody elses blog post, I would say go for it. The idea is not to have you write specifically only about self-development. Instead, I want you to explore your own thoughts, feelings, and perspectives so that you may better understand yourself as well as track your growth as you go back and see how your messages have progressed throughout time.

I don’t want to constrict you and say that you can ONLY listen to powerful speakers, that you HAVE to read powerful books, and that you MUST write a positive and uplifting message everyday. But I would recommend that you do at least one of the three each day. Your transformation will be a bit longer of a process, but gradually your mind will blossom and you will see it materialize the success we all desire for ourselves. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme, this is a create a wealthy life nice and slow program.




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