Problem Solving Skills

Problem Solving Skills

Ten out of ten people will successfully point out what the countries problems are any day of the week. But nobody wants to listen to those people. They are common and unhelpful. What people, companies, spouses, kids, you and I want are people who we know will solve the problems, not point them out.

The President is elected based off of the premise that he or she will be the solution to all of the countries most prominent problems. A CEO is hand-picked by a board or by stockholders for the sole purpose of solving the companies problems and establishing growth creating solutions. As children progressing our way through the school system, we are tested and rewarded for our abilities to provide the correct solutions for the most problems displayed on any given test. When you go to any interview, do you think the interviewer is looking for somebody who would be nice to work with or do you think they are searching for a person who will aid them in solving the companies problem? What problem could that be? Most likely, how to make more money.

Most marriage problems stem from finances. The money isn’t right, therefore the relationship becomes stressed and things start to go bad. What is the solution? Make more money. Or maybe it’s the other way around. The money is awesome, but the time spent at work for the loving spouse to make the necessary income is creating a drift between the two lovers and now the problem becomes time. Solution? Spend less time at work and more time with your significant other. In either case, it would seem that solving one problem would only create another problem. For some, and probably for most, this would be true, but for the few who are a little more creative this problem can be solved without sacrificing the other department.

Main Problems

In every sector of life there are a set of common problems that plague people’s lives. All of them can be solved, though every persons situation is unique for the people involved, the environment surrounding them, and the past events that have been experienced create a different equation that has to be dealt with in a specific fashion. In fact, sometimes that solution can only be solved by leaving the situation all together.

I want to go over some of the main problems that people come across in the most commonly shared aspects of life.

Relationship Problems: Due to lack of money, trust, intimacy, and/or a miscommunication.

Financial Problems: Due to lack of drive, confidence, and/or financial education.

Happiness Problems: Due to troubled relationships, lack of money, emotional distress, lack of purpose and/or lack of fulfillment with their current occupation.

Health Problems: Due to poor diet, poor fitness, and/or emotional distress.

You can name off more issues plaguing people all over the planet, but these are the main problems commonly shared across the board. Most likely, whatever problems you may have will fit underneath one of these categories. If so, it can definitely be remedied, but be warned that it will not be easy though the answer may be simple.

Understanding that relationship, financial, happiness, and health problems plague the average person, you will have some pre-equipped information on what most people you meet are dealing with in their own lives. That being said, what does the average company deal with on a daily basis?

Capital Problems: Due to lack of investors, lack of revenue, lack of customers, poor budgeting, too much overhead and/or overspending.

Traffic Problems: Due to obscurity, poor marketing, not appealing to customers, and/or not a high enough demand on the market for what the company is offering.

Sales Problems: Due to weak conversions, inability to close sales, poorly trained salesman, poor customer service, lack of employees, and/or poor quality of product.

Product Problems: Due to poor quality, unreliable manufacturer, distribution issues, lacking the inventory, and/or too much inventory.

Leadership Problems: Due to poor training, poor hiring, lack of communication, lack of motivation, unclear objectives, and/or ignorance on the product, company, or knowing of to be an effective leader.

Teamwork Problems: Due to poor leadership, poor hiring, poor training, lack of communication, little to no direction, lack of empowerment, no set/enforced guidelines, and/or no incentive.

A company is looking to hire people for these very specific reasons. They want you to help them improve in at least one of these areas. If they believe you can do that, you are hired. If they believe you can solve or help them improve in most of these areas then you will now gain what they call leverage. This is how you get the money you want for the job position they need to fill. 

What if you’re an entrepreneur or a CEO running the company? Who’s problem are you trying to solve? The customers.

Product Problems: Due to their inability to find the right product, their inability to afford the product, their ignorance on knowing if they need the product, a doubt in the product working for them, a doubt in the quality of the product, the need for a replacement product, the need for maintenance on a product, and/or their lack of knowledge on the product or interchangeable products.

Service Problems: Due to the lack of poor service, lack of no service, lack of follow-up service, lack of knowing who to call for the service, the lack of knowing if they need the service, and/or their lack of knowledge about the service.

Life Improvement Problems: Due to lacking a product/service, having the wrong product/service, not knowing where to find the right product/service, not knowing who has the right product/service, not realizing that they have a problem that needs to be resolved, not knowing if there is an answer that will improve their situation, and/or their skepticism of anyone claiming they have the answer to their life improvement needs.

Customer Service Problems: Due to the lack of communication from the business, their inability to find someone in the a particular company to help them with their issue, and/or inadequate treatment received during communication with an establishment.

It doesn’t matter if you’re dealing with a government, educational institution, non-profits, poor people, rich people, or even space people, everybody has a problem that they want and need solved every single day and if you are the go-to person for solving that problem you will always be held in high regard and substantially rewarded. 

Problem Solving Tools

You don’t have to be an expert in all of these areas, but if you’re at least knowledgeable then you will be well equipped to enter into any arena and successfully come out victorious.

  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Reading & speaking body language
  • Selling/pitching/closing/overcoming objections
  • Motivation
  • Mentoring
  • Teaching
  • Marketing
  • Branding
  • Budgeting
  • Time management
  • Organizing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Managing people
  • Meditation
  • Enhancing performance
  • Health
  • Fitness
  • Intimacy
  • Team building
  • Driving traffic
  • Raising money
  • Emotional management
  • Parenting
  • Life planning
  • Breakthroughs

Knowing all these subjects would be ideal, but we know how difficult it is being perfect. That is why people are always looking for somebody to show them, teach them, sell to them or do for them what they don’t know how to do themselves. The more problems you can solve, not only the more valuable you will be, but the better life you will create for yourself. How easy is life when you know how to solve your own problems?

For your own studies and continued growth in some of these areas I recommend some powerful people to look into:

  1. Daymond John
  2. Russell Simmons
  3. Jim Rohn
  4. John Lee Dumas
  5. Caleb Maddix


They are held in high regard for the amount of problems they solve.




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