Sales Training Basics

Sales Training Basics

First step to becoming a good salesman and accepting the fact that sales is not only important, but it is necessary in order for any transaction to occur. In fact, sales infiltrates every facet of our lives and it is only ones inability to sell themselves that ultimately keeps them from becoming successful. Even the most talented athletes in the world will fail in their pursuit for an illustrious career if they sell themselves as a trouble makers instead of as a key component to the team. A man must sell a woman on the idea of marrying him and a woman had to sell that man on the idea of asking for her hand in the first place. We are living a world of constant influence and manipulation, whether it be for good or for bad. Someone is always trying to persuade another and in every dialogue somebody will be declared as the buyer and the other as the seller regardless of any indication that currency was exchanged. Selling is merely the art of getting someone else to “buy-in” to your idea, and sometimes those ideas include a product or service for a very affordable price.


Why is it important to understand that everyday and every thing is sales oriented? Because whether you believe it or not you are a natural-born salesman. Some might be better at getting someone to buy a product from them than others, but even the potential customer has the responsibility of convincing the salesman that the product isn’t for them. How many times have you successfully shutdown a salesperson? Many times I’m sure. That’s all the proof you need, you can sell, the key is to get better at it.

As I mentioned in the video there are a few key areas that you should consciously be aware of if you want to improve upon your sales skills.

  • Mastering first impressions
  • Asking great questions
  • Reading Body language
  • Give massive value
  • Handling objections
  • The ABC’s of closing

None of these should come as a surprise to you, but I am sure that you would like to know more about them. So do I. Which is why I am just as dedicated to learning and understanding the art of the sale as I am about optimizing my diet and fitness. It does you know good if you have developed the most potent and effective supplement that has ever been known to man if you can’t persuade anyone to buy it. You are doing a disservice to you and the people. They need to be convinced because everybody wants to make the right decision.

That’s all there is to it, people just want to spend their hard-earned money in the right place. Women just want to place their fragile hearts in the hands of the right man. Children just want to know that it makes sense to eat these yucky veggies when they could be living it up eating these super tasty chocolate chip cookies. We say we hate salesman, yet everyone is looking to be sold by the right one.

Mastering first impressions

First impressions aren’t everything but they definitely set the tone. The funny thing is that people think that the first thing you say is a persons first impression of you. On the contrary, the first thing they see allows them to conjure up feelings about you. Within seconds a human being will decide whether they like you or not. That’s why I always found it odd when girls in college would dress really “bummy” sometimes as they traveled the campus. Their response to my inquiry would usually go like this, “why not, I have no one to impress.” What they didn’t understand was that they have everyone that they come into contact to impress. They are setting the tone for every individual that they meet or don’t meet. It doesn’t seem like that big of a deal because you are not knowingly going into a significant situation, but you never know what opportunity you might have missed because you weren’t looking presentable.

Asking great questions

The ability to ask great questions will warrant you the title of “Master communicator.” Most people believe that the greatest salesman is the person who can do the most talking. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Nobody likes to be lectured and no one goes out of their way to listen to somebody they don’t know talk. Do you know what your favorite subject is? YOU! People want to talk about themselves, their ideas, what they own, and what they know. People love to talk and the more you can get someone to talk to you, the more they will like you. Next time you try to get a girl/guys attention, be sure to ask them some questions that will get them interested in telling you.

Great book for understanding how to effectively communicate with people

how to win friends and influence people

Reading body language

You don’t have to be a Master at this, but it would be highly beneficial if you could read a few cues. For instance, if you want to know if a man or woman is into you, look at their pupils. If they are dilated (enlarged) that typically means that they like you. If they show the opposite signs, then the light might be pointed in their eyes or things may not be going as planned.

How about if you’re trying to close someone on buying a house? If you’re getting toward the end of your presentation and can see that their arms are folded together, then most likely they are not in sync with you and the house. They may have some objections hidden in their back pocket that they are waiting to pull out at the end. In this case, ask them some personal questions that would make them have to think deeply in order to answer them. This will get them to lower their guard. If you can get them laughing, even better. Whatever you do, just get those arms uncrossed.

Perfect book on reading body language

book on body language

Give massive value

Everybody wants something for nothing. We want people to buy from us because we showed them how it works. We want someone to go out with us because we had the courage to ask. We want a publisher to pick up our book because it has a cool concept. But what about the other party? Don’t they want to feel like they’re winning? Don’t they want to feel like they are getting the better end of the deal? Don’t we all want to feel special?

The name of the game is value. Especially for people trying to build a following through social media. Don’t just blow people’s feed up with the same video over and over again. Give them a variety of pieces of information. Give your audience content. Give people something they can use on their own with or without your product or services. Make people feel like they aren’t wasting their time with you. When people feel like they are getting something out of it from the get go, they sell themselves that you are the right person to be around.

Eric Thomas, the King of giving VALUE

                   eric thomas

Handling objections

When it comes to children it’s easy to tell them “because I said so!” Adults are a little trickier. We don’t have ultimate authority over them. People have questions. They want to think things through before committing. They want to consult with others. They want to see how things play out first. They want to try it on their own. They want to take what you’ve already given them before they actually buy from you. All kind of excuses that you and I are guilty of using ourselves. 

There’s nothing wrong with objections, just understand that objections don’t always mean no. Sometimes they are just not sure. Sometimes they just need more information. Sometimes they are just confused. And sometimes they just want to know if it’s really worth it. Now, you don’t have to pressure people to do things your way or “buy-in” but you should at least put up a fight and give them a run for their money, this could be literally.

Know that a lot of the objections that people use are really just round-about ways of saying they are not sure. It is up to you to prove why their objection is not valid and why listening to you would be the best decision they ever made.

The ABC’s of closing

Always Be Closing. Always Be Closing. Always Be Closing. If you are not closing then you are being closed. It’s like saying always be winning. No one ever enters into a competitive sports game to lose. Nobody lines up against Usain Bolt because they want to come in second. No, they want to win! You should always want to close, otherwise you have just lost the game. You should want to go undefeated even though you most likely won’t. Someone is always going to say no, but you should make it super hard for anyone to turn you down because they know that they could be passing up on the opportunity of a lifetime. You should make people feel like saying no to you might alter their entire life. Not because you want to take advantage of people, but because you believe in what you are selling. It could be love, hope, a burger, or a special remedy. Whatever it is, if you’re going to have the gull to try to be selling it to somebody in the first place, you might as well close them on the deal. You owe it to them and yourself to make that happen. 

Anyone can teach you how to sell, Grand Cardone can teach you how to CLOSE

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