Self-Education Advantage

Self-Education Advantage

If you want a job go to school, if you want a business get a mentor. If you want a salary get a degree, if you want a residual income hop on a webinar. If you want to make a living get your certification, if you want to build wealth be obsessed with self-education. If you can name me one University that will teach you how to make a fortune then I would say to ignore everything I have to say about this subject, otherwise come with me on the journey to your dreams.

What’s the point of self-education?

To become the greatest and strongest version of yourself. If you don’t think that you are at your best then it is safe to say that whatever you do know is not enough. You need more education. The problem with formal education is that the curriculum is limited. They don’t teach the method behind finding a life partner, they don’t teach you about effective communication, they don’t teach you much about public speaking, they don’t teach you about sales, and they definitely don’t teach you how to raise a family. They don’t and no educational institution was built to do such things, so where else could we expect to learn these vital skills from? I would like to say our parents, but how much can they teach us about the other aspects of life if we spend most of the day at school, the adults spend most of the day at work, and everybody is too tired and distracted to communicate this life changing information when they get home.

The truth is, most adults are learning how things work as they mature through adulthood. So, by the time we figure out all the answers, or at least part of the answers, life has already ran its course and we become “too old” to implement what we have learned in any meaningful way. Do you want to wait until you’re 60 to start living your dreams? If you are 60, do you want to wait until you’re 70 or even 80? If the answer is no, then why not expedite the learning curve and invest your time, money, and energy into some resources the will mature you mind faster than time could age your physical body?

Is a self-education  more important than getting a formal education? 

In my eyes the answer is yes. In the eyes of society the answer is still yes, society just doesn’t know it. What I mean is that people are rewarded for what they can do, not for the degree they have. Millions of college graduates enter the workforce every year and most of them get a job that either has nothing to do with their major or never required a college degree in the first place. Some can’t even find a job the first year or two out of college. How is this so? Because a degree does not make a company money. We try to pretend that money isn’t the most important thing, but I can guarantee you that a company isn’t looking to hire people based on their friendly personality. They want to find who will be the most valuable asset to the organization, so that they will ultimately make more money which will justify them paying you.

And as I said before, the realm of subjects in which a formal education covers is very limited. Scary limited. If family, love, marriage, friendships, partnerships, and helping one another are the most important things, then why don’t they teach any of that in school? There are no courses on life, just information on facts dealing with science, history, math, and english. Throw in some music and language classes and you’ll have a whole school curriculum.

Self-education knows no bounds. The world is your class room, fortunately you don’t have to travel the world any more to learn about it. It’s all on your computer. If you want a hard copy it’s one click away on Amazon. There are lectures given in many countries, webinars done every day, and YouTube videos that will teach you anything you want to know. Just type it in the search and you will find at least one person who has done a video on the topic.

What do I need to be educated on?

In the areas that every human being wants to master. Self-confidence, public speaking, intimacy, reading body language, understanding the opposite sex, nutrition, fitness, emotional control, parenting, teaching effectively, building wealth, selling, entrepreneurship, financial independence, investing, finding your purpose, happiness, writing books, establishing a following, becoming successful, being at the top of your industry, getting people’s attention, and the list goes on. If you have mastered all of these areas then I wouldn’t even need to tell you that you should be selling courses to the rest of us. We all want and we all need to know how to create a life so powerful that we would be willing to live it the same exact way twice. If you wish you had someone elses life then you need to be educated on how to transform your own.

Where do I start?

That’s easy. Start where everybody says you should start. Start wherever you can. I can tell you where to go, who to listen to, and where to spend your time, money and energy but so will a million other people. The key is to just start. Make small investments everyday. Try a little of this or a little bit of that. Start in whatever area you feel you are lacking in. If it’s in sales follow Grant Cardone, if it’s in business follow Gary Vaynerchuk, if it’s in faith in yourself follow Eric Thomas, if you want to know how to build your own public speaking business follow Craig Valentine, or maybe you just need some quick motivation to keep you going, then get my book 90: Building The Ultimate Empire.

Who should I listen too?

Listen to those who are successful. Actually successful. There are definitely a few posers out there, but you can typically tell the fakes from the greats by looking at their body of work, reading some of their content, and listening to their messages. Some of my top choices are Les Brown, Tony Robbins, Lewis Howes, Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, Mark Minard, Ted Talks, RSD Tyler, Moojiji, Drew Canole, Mike Rashid, CT Fletcher, Elliott Hulse, Tai Lopez and Bruce Lee.

What books should I read?

All of them! Or at least the well-known and highly recommended books. Especially in the areas in which you are trying to improve in. If you’re anything like me, you will want to read different types of books that cover an array of life’s many realities. As an example, I would go from a classic like Think and Grow Rich, to a health book like The Happy Vegan, jump into a motivational book like My Fight/Your Fight, tone it down a notch with Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff, slide into The 5 Love Needs, and drift comfortably back into another well-known money book classic like Rich Dad Poor Dad. The video below will provide you with a more extensive list for you to choose from. 


How do I achieve balance in my life?

To start, you must know what that balance looks like. In other words, what is most important to you? Now, this question might do more harm than good, for your list could get kind of long. Let’s start with the top three. What are your top three most important areas that you consider a priority for you to master? Notice I said the top three areas you want to master. God or your faith doesn’t necessarily have to be on this list even if God is at the top of your “most important things in life” list. I hope that took some pressure off of your list making.

A good example for a top three would be family, career, and retirement. It’s good to start off broad like this for once you have established your three main priorities, you can then focus on educating yourself in more detail about each area. Just committing yourself to creating a better family life will take you into subjects like leadership, communication, and goal setting.

Once you have established your top three, it is now up to you to make a commitment, better yet a vow that you will give it 120% of your effort to master all three areas everyday of your life. That is what true balance is. It’s not splitting your energy up evenly in multiple areas. It’s not spending an equal amount of time in multiple areas. It’s not doing just enough to not screw up in any particular area. It’s recognizing what’s most important to you, visualizing what you want to accomplish or improve on in those areas, and giving it your very best every single day in order to ultimately master them all.

Why is building your dreams important?

Manifesting your dreams are the utmost important because we all want our children to live out their dreams. If you could have it your way, would you really want your children to settle for what is considered normal? No, you would want them to succeed at achieving their greatest and wildest dreams. So, what is the best situation in which your own kids could possibly reach their own unique dreams? The answer is obvious, though commonly ignored. You have to be the example. You have to manifest your dreams. You have to create a legacy by building an Empire. If you do it first, there is a great chance that your children will do it too. Do it for the next generation.

How long should I self-educate?

How long do you plan on breathing? Whatever that number is, commit that time to self-education. Not only do you deserve the best life has to offer, life deserves to benefit from the best you. The next generation deserves to learn the greatest jewels of wisdom from you, and wisdom knows that if can never pickup enough jewels. You don’t have to go hard-core with it forever, but reading a few minutes a day could never over stress someone no matter how old you are. As long as the human race exists, technological and social evolution will continue to take place on our watch and information will be discovered that will forever change the way we operate time and again. As long as your mind is sharp and continues to transform with society, you will always be on the front end of the evolution curve. 

How often should I self-educate?

Everyday. Every week. Every month. Every year. Every chance you get. You can watch movies, play video games, go on vacations, go out to eat, and even go to parties, but you need to always make at least a little time for self-education. If you want a little cheat code, turn your vehicle into a mobile university. Fill your phone up with powerful podcasts and recordings  to listen to whenever you’re driving in the car. And if you really want to make sure that you’re getting the proper amount of daily wisdom, only play the good, the clean, and the powerful inside your head phones while indulged in your exercises. You don’t always have to go out of your way to get your education in, you just have to get creative.




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