Speed Learning

Speed Learning

The speed in which you learn something is based on the patterns or connections you are aware of. You gain the understanding to these things through experience and intentional studying or practice. The final component is momentum, for the longer you commit your energy towards the mastering of a craft the more acclimated you will be to that world and that way of thinking, making your processing speed greater and more refined.

If you want to be a better piano player, practice the piano. If you want to be a better writer, write more. If you want to build a bigger network marketing business then spend more time finding more people and see to it that they are successful. The key to improving in any area is by repetition of course, but also by the speed at which you move for it will increase over time if you are dedicated to your own success.

A freight train doesn’t go from 0 to full speed in 4.6 seconds and neither does success. No matter what you are trying to learn, unless you are blessed with some God-given talent, then you are cursed to make gradual improvements like the rest of us.

A train is controlled by momentum. It cannot jump to top speed and it cannot stop abruptly. It has to start off at a slow pace, gradually making its way up the tracks and slowly transitioning into maximum velocity. Why? Because the weight is to great for the wheels to over come the physics. If you want to be a millionaire and you have never made six figures in a year before then I can tell you right now that the weight will be heavy. If this is your starting point, then it will look as if your train has barely left the station 30 days from now. That’s ok, it happens to everybody. Your ascent is slow but your intentions must be deliberate, for the purpose of your everyday work must be geared towards picking up more speed. If you get comfortable and stop trying to push as hard in your learning curve then your train will reach a plateau, causing it to maintain its velocity and never reaching its full potential. If you give up and stop digging for more knowledge and experience, then that’s like you stopped throwing coal inside trains engine. As the trains fire begins to burn lower, the trains momentum will gradually slow down as well, causing you to lose all of which you have worked so hard for. But if you’re obsessed like so many successful people are, and you keep hammering away at the information, pounding away at the practice, and GRINDING it out daily trying to pick up every trick, strategy and technique they have available, then eventually you will start to pick up speed at unprecedented levels that will catapult you into the greatness..

There is no book, no lecture, no recording, no seminar, and no mentor that can help you skip the process. They can only add fuel to the fire. Your experience and implementation will get you going, your studying will help you learn the techniques to pick up speed, and it is your perseverance that will make promise your eventual triumph of reaching top speed. At that level it will seem as if every thing you touch turns to gold. It will look like your world is perfect and that you are able to accomplish and overcome any obstacle that comes your way. This is only because you have mastered the patterns, understand how everything connects, know that anything new is just an extension of your fast-moving train, and we all know anything that gets in the way of a fast-moving train will have a pretty tough time slowing it down. Keep learning my friends.




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