Tap Into Your Dreams

Tap Into Your Dreams

When you tap into the power of your dreams you are drawing in energy that knows no bounds. It is our ability to dream that gives us power to accomplish impossible feats, overcome insurmountable odds, and survive unbearable circumstances. Dreams act as the anchor to our life’s ship. They are the foundation in which we wish to build our Ultimate Empire on top of. They are the fuel that keeps us going through the night and throughout the day. Dreams inspire and motivate us to do more and become our best. They give us a reason to lay sacrifice. Dreams are the driving force behind greatness and without them human beings would be no more impressive than the bears sleeping in caves. It is our ability to dream that has given us the power to reshape the planet into a form that we feel is the best fit for us.

I know what I’ve said so far is beautiful and poetic but practicality is what matters here. The main reason dreams remain as just dreams is because the average persons dreams are not specific enough and are typically fixated on one sector of life. We should not only be indulged greatly in dreaming, but we should also be going into deep details when constructing those dreams while also envisioning more dreams that run parallel to the original and run through all facets of our lives. For your records, my dream situations include:

  1. Career
  2. Impact
  3. Money
  4. Family
  5. Knowledge
  6. Relationships
  7. Network
  8. Education
  9. Teaching
  10. Health
  11. Fitness
  12. Material Wealth
  13. Legacy

These 13 areas is where we want to embed our dreams. We usually only practice the art of dreaming about our ideal careers or about having a substantial amount of money, but life is more than that and we should dig deeper into how far careers should reach and decide how much money is enough money.


There’s a difference between a career and a job. A job can be temporary, part-time or full-time, but is typically something you don’t see yourself growing into. A career is an occupation that you enjoy and want to grow through. Now, here is what they don’t tell you. You can have more than one career at a time or throughout your lifetime. First, let me ask you this. What does your dream career look like? What will you have to do to get there? What will you do once you get there? How do you want to rank in that field? What will be your contribution to the industry or company? It sounds like an interview but really these are dream questions. Look at Kevin Hart. He’s reached his dream of becoming a successful stand up comedian, yet he did not stop there. His dreams have pushed him into acting and even modeling. From TV shows, to movies, to even dominating the social media space. Kevin’s dreams know no bounds and neither does his career. On the less glamorous side, there have been countless of military officials who have spent decades serving their country and then transition into running their own business. From one career to the next, you can live your dreams.


How do you see yourself influencing the world? How do you see yourself influencing your company? What kind of impact do you want to make on people, on animals, or the environment? How do you want your children or even your parents to see you? What do you want people to learn from you? Can you see the type of impact you want to leave on the world? Do you want to be a humanitarian or a dedicated citizen at the soup kitchen? The clearer the vision, the easier it will be to take action.


Saying you won’t to be rich won’t make you rich if you don’t know what rich looks like. Is a million dollars a year rich or a million dollars a month? How do you intend to make your money? What are the limitations to the amount of money you can make? How much money have the best in your field made? Do you like money? Do you feel like you need money? Do you want money? What’s your financial independence number (FIN)? How much money do you want to leave behind when you die? How much money is enough money? Only the financially inclined are willing to answer and contemplate these questions when it pertains to money. I suggest that if you are not one of those people who you start to develop that inclination today. 


It’s important to know how big of a family you want to have, when you want to start one, know if you’re ready for one, and to pre-plan the type of parent you want to be. Obviously you can’t predict the future and will never know what parenting is like until you’ve done it, but if you approach it from a dream vision you will have an idea on the type of person you’ll need to be in order to play the that desired role in your family. In reality, your dream family is based on you being the best version of yourself.


What do you want to know about? What would you like to be an expert in? What questions do you want answered? What questions do you want asked? What do you want to study? How do you want to study, through reading or audibly? Who do you want to learn from? When do you want to learn it? And this is the most important question, what will you do with the knowledge once you have it? If you can see what it is you want to study, then how could you ever be lost?


What kind of relationship do you want? I know, a happy one. That’s cute, but happiness looks different on everyone. People are happier in different ways. Some people quantify their happiness through sex and intimacy while others may measure their happiness using materialism and traveling as their measuring stick. Maybe you want somebody who will affirm you on the regular, or maybe you want to present yourself as somebody who is strong and can be counted on by their partner. This is what I mean when I say what kind of relationship do you want? Interracial, traditional household, switched rolls, polygamist, or adventurous? The deeper you go into what your human nature is, the better you will be able to answer these questions.


Who do you wish to know? How many friends would you like to have? Would you rather have just Facebook friends or do you need the energy of hanging out with people in person? Do you want to know CEO’s of big companies or do you want to know the heads of more start-up non-profit organization? Do you want to have more friends than you could ever count or do you want just a small, secluded amount that you share your feelings and beliefs with? Is the world your friend or are you about having an inner circle? Your friendship structure will be conducive to how you operate.


Are you interested in formal education or self-education? Where do you want your children to study?  How many degrees do you feel you should get? How many books do you want to absorb? How educated do you feel you are right now? Is education important to you? Are you interested in home schooling or private schools? Is going to a university necessary? The more I read, learn, and educate myself, the more I realize what I don’t know, as well as the more I realize what I should have known if only I had been given the correct perspective to begin with.


What knowledge or information do you want to pass on? What path do you want to lay for the next generation? How do you want to communicate your wisdom? Do you want to be a teacher at all? Do you want to teach directly or indirectly? What is your teaching style? Do you know how to teach? Great teachers aren’t born, they are groomed.


Here, we are not talking about looking healthy but actually being healthy. How good is your health? What is healthy to you? What do you know about having a healthy body and mind? What questions do you need answered when it comes to health? Can you combat disease? Do you understand the how the cells work in your body? Where does your health lack or suffer? Do you know what foods are healthy? Do you want to be dependent on whole foods or medication? What’s a higher quality of life for you, having a healthy body or a flavor blasting food platter? To some, eating pizza and chips is healthy for their soul and that is how they wish to feed themselves. For others, eating to live is a way of life that they take seriously and meticulously choose what they ingest down to the type of seasonings and cooking oils. It all depends on what your dream “health” life looks like to you.


Do you like to workout? Do you want to workout? How do you wish your body to look? Do you want to be strong or have long endurance? Are you in it for muscle size or functional movement? Do you want to lose weight or gain weight? Would you rather walk or be an avid runner? Do you want to be considered an athlete forever or do you just want to get a healthy routine put into place? Do you like to switch things up or are you a creature of habit? Fitness isn’t fun for everybody, but if you know what your desired end result is, it will be clear for you to make a concrete decision on how to tackle this portion of your life.

Material Wealth

How big do you want your house to be? How many cars do you want? Do you like jewelry? Do you need the latest and greatest of technology at your finger tips? Do you like upscale clothes and accessories? Do you not care much for materialism? Do you only care in certain areas? Do you feel being materialistic is wrong? What do you consider as being materialistic? Do you want to be covert with your interests in material items? Do you want price to be a non-issue? This is not a question of right and wrong for who is anybody to judge. You should be the judge for what you want and let your work ethic handle the rest.


What story do you want people to know about you when you die? What resources do you want to leave behind? What wisdom do you want people to acquire from your story? How do you want people to remember you? Do you care what people think of you? Do you want people to remember you? Do you want your name to give your family an advantage? Do you wish to be just another random name in a hat that came and went from this Earth in a short period of years? Your legacy will be left in some form or fashion. What do you want to leave behind? Do you wish to leave anything behind at all?

Here are some great resources to help you shape your dreams:

I can almost guarantee you that you will not know what your dream life looks like in all of these categories in your first hour of thinking about it. Most likely, you don’t know enough about them to come up with an ideal scenario. In fact, as you start to develop your dreams, you may find that what you originally thought was your most desired vision of life for you may change into something that seems totally opposite a year from now. It will come to you through experience and studying. The faster you learn about the world in relation to yourself, the faster you will figure out what your dreams are.I suggest you start dreaming now.



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