Time Management

Time Management

You cannot control time. You cannot add or subtract time. You cannot manipulate or even influence time. Time is fixed and it is equal across all planes. Time is finite and yet it is infinite. Time is at your disposal but at the same time slowly slipping from your grasp. Time is time just like the space around you is space. You have all of it and still none of it all at once. But seeing how my time is no different from your time, the only relevant question is not whether or not there is enough time to go around for all of us to build our dreams, to achieve our goals, or to manifest our ambitions. The real question is are we willing to coordinate in such a way that we achieve just that?

Your actions are all that you can control, and even that is up for debate for your actions are based on your decisions, which are in turn based on your previous life experiences. So, we can say right there that our ability to take the necessary action with in the time allotted to us is in direct correlation with how we think. And since our thoughts are based on what we have experienced it is absolutely critical that we expose ourselves to information, whether it be in book form or audible, that will motivate as well as teach us how to take advantage of the infinite 24 hour clock that has been pressed upon us.

Let me back up. Time cannot be manipulated or controlled, only our thoughts and actions. Therefore, we must think and act within a specific time frame that will allow us to achieve the goal in mind. We must coordinate with the deadline. Every business, every church, and every non-profit has a set of time frames and deadlines. Tasks and quotas must be completed within this time marker. This is how we know when to go to school and when to leave. This is how we know when a project needs to be done. This is how we know when to put our kids to bed. There is a schedule that we all operate from, some explicitly while others are implicitly known. It is a system, and when people follow the system successfully things get done. When people fall behind, operations fall behind. This is what we mean by time management.

Essentially, we are all practicing time management on some level. Where we tend to get stuck is when we are operating on our own time. Meaning, when we are no longer clocked in at work or sitting at our desk inside of a classroom, we begin to sail in an unmanned boat on a course to nowhere. We fill our “leisure time” with unproductive or non-prioritized activities. We spend hours in front of the TV watching shows we’re not that interested in. We spend moments throughout the day scrolling through Instagram posts to find something entertaining. We text constantly about mundane things and we spend precious minutes gossiping about other people or giving accounts about what we would do if we had more opportunity and good fortune. Time is being spent on unproductive activities and yet we complain about not having enough time.

Do you know what makes people successful? Better question, do you know what makes people rich? How about knowledgable and well learned? How about, what makes people experts? What makes people beach body ready? It is the time that these individuals put in to make sure it manifests. Very few are so naturally blessed with these gifts of life by chance. Most only achieve and maintain such a high-caliber of living by finding the time either before hand or throughout the day to partake in the necessary activities that would create such a beautiful circumstance.

So what is the key making time your ally. Scheduling is the key. Sticking to that schedule is how you use that key. You want to plan out, preferably write out, your schedule for the day, the next few days, and even the whole week. Be specific about it too. Write down what you undeniably have to do, whether that be going to work or taking your kids to softball practice, and then you can slowly fill in the blocks of spaces located around these must-do tasks with other dream building projects.

For me, reading is a must that I indulge in daily, but the funny thing is I HATE READING! At least I used to. 

I somewhat enjoy it now-a-days. Mainly because of the direct benefits I get from completing each book, but I still feel uncomfortable forcing myself to read 20,30 or even 50 pages at a time. It’s just not fun for me and I’m a pretty busy guy, but it’s important and I respect that fact. Like everyone else, I sometimes don’t have much time to read, so I might flip a few pages while I’m cooking or eating. I might cut my workout session short so I can get a chapter in before bed. There are so many strategies that one can implement in order to do something as simple as reading constructive literate everyday. And why would you want to stress yourself out in this already stressful world just to read a few pages out of a book that you don’t have to read? Because it’s like I said in the beginning, your actions are based on your decisions and your decision are based on how you think. How you think is based on what you are exposed too, so if you expose yourself to the good, the clean, and the powerful on a daily basis your time will be well spent and managed in the long run.

Overtime, and as quickly as possible, you want to become a Master over your time. It will be difficult at first, but through INTENTIONAL daily practice you will become better and more efficient. This is best done by creating time frames thought your days on which you participate in certain activities, starting at a certain time for a certain duration. These are for the execution of daily tasks including, but no limited to, your everyday schooling or job. Next, it is highly important to put a deadline on your more ambitious goals or dreams. This can range from writing a book to reading a book. From losing weight to putting on muscle. From saving money to getting a better job or promotion. The goal or dream can be anything, what matters is that you put a deadline on when you MUST achieve it. Otherwise, you are more likely to slowly lose interests or desire to continue to put in the necessary high level of effort that is required to obtain such a specific objective.

Yes, technically only your activities can be “managed” but without the proper timeline-to-goal set for those activities you are doomed to not complete those activities in a manner that will actually benefit you, assuming that you will every finish them at all. There are some resources that you can use that could help you with scheduling and alerts, but the fact of the matter is that you already know how to write things down into a schedule, you are just lacking the mentality for completing or even writing out the schedule in the first place. That is why it is imperative to start with training your mind to think in a more productive, positive, and goal oriented way before attempting to tackle any life altering and progressive goals or ambitions. For your mental benefit and training, I would study:

  1. TGIM’s conducted by Eric Thomas
  2. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey
  3. Videos done by Evan Carmichael
  4. The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg
  5. Tia Lopez

Any one of these books or people could turn your mind into an efficient and productive decision-making machine. It may only take one video or you may need the teaching of all 5 sources. Doesn’t matter how long or how many, all that matters is that you begin and you don’t stop until your goals and dreams are reached. You have the rest of time to get there, why not use it all to your advantage?  



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